Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Tournament!!!!! Enter here!

Ok here we are..... our first tournament is here! There is only one issue, to check it out, go to our news page: Our news page...... If you read the news, it's time to decide and set up this tournament! Cast your vote here, saying whether or not we should hold the tournament via Pokemon Online, or in the actual games. Also, you can enter here! We must have at LEAST 4 people. So just leave a short comment below about what method we should hold the tournament, and if you want to enter or not. Also, the winner gets a special prize and the title of our champion! Thanks guys!


  1. Quite easily. The Easiest choice for me. Definitley Pokemon Online. As an avid pokemon online player, I would like to enter it. Also. Gl to everyone who has joined.

  2. I'm NOT joining. Furthermore, I do not wish to download PO. Sorry Jonathan ;(


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