Pokemon Black/White 2 Release Date!
The Pokemon Black/White 2 release date had been revealed last week, but I only updated the Pokemon Black/White 2 page, and not this one. Anyways, the release date for North America is on October 7'th. Don't forget to check out our ACTUAL Pokemon Black/White 2 page to get all the information on the upcoming game, including the Therian forms. 

Pokemon Conquest!
New game released on the DS platform, and it will be called Pokemon Conquest. Apparently, the plot will include 200 Pokemon, including some from the Black/White series, and will feature your characters and Pokemon in stages where you battle enemy or rival kingdoms, and attempt to take them over. You will be able to level up your Pokemon and evolve them like usual. Unfortunately, there is no option to opt for 3D. But this won't ruin the fun! Unlike Pokemon White and Black 2, this is using the same regions, so I'm really fine with that. This game has been released in Japan already, and will be released in America on JUNE 18, 2012. I hope you're ready! I'm hoping to do our very first walk-through of the site when it comes out. Thanks for subscribing, I'll check in when more information is presented!

New Event!
So recently, there has been an announced event for the Black/White games. You will be able to receive a Reshiram or a Zekrom at level 100. These will be limited editions from events, and will run on the wi-fi network. The dates will run from March 10, 2012, to April 8, 2012.

It's Official..... IT'S ON..... But is it Good?
So it's actually official.... the newest Pokemon game will be released soon. Real soon. In Japan, it's coming in summer. And that's right, 2012 summer. I'm serious. If you don't believe me, go look for yourself. If you don't believe me....... go look on this very site I'm linking you onto. It's absolutely crazy. What's even worse? If you read, look at the title. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Pokemon Black and White 2? *Sigh* Black Kyurem and White Kyurem? Really? REALLY? So what do I think? BS. Nintendo is really pushing it. They should've had the option of the game on the 3DS this time. But what do you think? Leave comments below.
New Event on Global Link!
So I've been updated.... NEW EVENT! From today to May 1'st, there is going to be an Arceus event on the Global Link. You will need a password to obtain the Arceus. The password is ARCEUSVOTE.
Pokemon Global Link Event!
Just want to say Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to everyone out there, and I want people to acknowledge what he has done for the country. :) Now, to the real business, recently, a new Pokemon event has been released on the Global Link, but must be obtained in a unique method. Now, the event itself runs until April 30'th (I THINK) and gives you a Lucario with Bullet Punch, and the AMAZING, ability, (DRUM ROLL!) JUSTIFIED!!!! If you don't know it, search it up, it's amazing. Anyways, the Pokemon is obtained in a very different way. You MUST buy the Pokemon Black/White game....... from a Target store with a certain packaging....... with a code inside..... that you can use on Global Link. O.o Yea. Anyways, just wanted to give a heads up to anyone out there wanting to buy the game. See you guys later!

Pokemon Global Link Events!
Well, I may be a LOT late on some of these events, but I thought I might get this up there, and I'm also going to create a page that states any events. So in the meantime, keep updated on this page. On the Global Link website, you can get some interesting and rare events:
-A Banette is on until March 1, 2012. It comes with the moves Faint Attack, Hex, Shadow Ball, and Cotton Guard. (Level 37)
-A Mamoswine, with the Hidden Ability Thick Fat, will be available until February 16, 2012. It comes with the moves Hail, Ice Fang, Take Down, and Double Hit. (Level 34)
-An event Croagunk is up until January 9, 2012. The moves are Mud-Slap, Poison Sting, Taunt, and Poison Jab. (Level 10)
-A SLEEK Victini C-Gear skin can be taken until January 12, 2012. It is amazingly nice, and I recommend it to any perfectionists out there. ;)

As for the people here in America, the Victini event is finally out. This Wi-Fi event through Mystery Gift will give you a special Victini with the move V-Create. Originally supposed to be only distributed in Japan, this Victini is BELIEVED to be Level 50 (according to a friend). This event is going to air until December 31, or the last day of December. Be sure to get yours!

So tomorrow is 10/24, or as some of you might know, is the day of the long awaited 3DS title Pokemon Rumble Blast! As the sequel to the nice Pokemon Rumble on Wii, I hope you guys are going to buy the title too! As for the site, what did you expect of us? We are going to post videos and walkthroughs as soon as we can, to aid you. As soon as school starts to clear,  I'm going to make a new page where you can view and watch videos or walkthroughs of the the game! Anyways, I have posted  POTW, and I hope to see more activity out of you guys! PEACE!

So out on a poll recently, it seemed that there could be the chance of our first tournament, but unfortunately, we did NOT have enough sign-ups.... I guess it'll come next time! Anyways, we just hit 15 subscribers, which is getting bigger! Don't forget to spread the site to others! Anyways..... apparently, according to Nintendo, a new Pokemon game will come out as a sequel to PokePark. It is not confirmed the name is PokePark2, but I will keep you updated as info comes in. Also, for us (if you ARE in the U.S,) the newest Pokemon event has been released. The event will give out a free Shiny Zoroark, but it is only obtainable at Toys R Us.It will end 6 days from now, so be sure to visit a local store near you. Thanks once again for reaching 15 subscribers!

So.... I put out a poll recently, and it was askin the question, "Should we have another tournament?" And it seems, that it is time for another tournament. It's all very easy to do and set-up, but there's one huge question..... What kind of battles should we hold? Here I am, having to choose between Pokemon Online and the actual games of Black and White. I can't decide obviously, but you guys can. Also, if you don't know what Pokemon Online is, it's basically a testing server for Pokemon players to polish their skills. It's a download, and allows you to customize your Pokemon and test teams out. It allows you to battle using the team of your dreams. If you want to download it, here's the link: Click here to go download Pokemon Online battle simulator.... The other option is using the actual games. As lots of you HAVE the actual game, not many of you have fully EV trained your Pokemon correctly, don't have the correct natures, don't have the right IV's, don't have the right moves, or even haven't really started. That's why, I am PROPOSING, that we have this tournament via Pokemon Online. To cast your comment on this, there will be a post in the main page.

Happy September everyone! I am starting school soon, and I will be busier, so the site may be a little slow, but please bear with it! Anyways, the Nintendo 3DS price has been dropped, and here is the official trailer:
Yes, I am starting school, so the site may not be updated as much as before. Also, I am looking for authors to write on the site alongside me! There will be a post in the main section, so if you are interested in joining and becoming an author, please fill out the form below. Copy and paste the format, then fill it out! Thanks guys! (Authors can write RMTs, POTWs, newsletters, etc.)

Member name:
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The 3DS has had a price drop by about 33%, which is huge. I bought mine when it first came out, so this is a lot of savings, totalling up to two new other 3DS games. This deal is a manufacturer drop, so there's no worry to rush this deal. It will always be there, and is a very nice price, seeing as the DSiXL was $189.99 ( I think...), and STILL has not dropped. Other games worth playing on 3DS are Super Street Fighter 3D, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D, Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D, and Starfox 64 3D.

Pokemon Rumble Blast (3D)
For those in Japan, the newest Pokemon game was introduced. The game is Pokemon Rumble Blast and is only going to be released in 3D. For those in America, the game is going to be released on October 24, 2011. The game's plot is about toys from all five generations. You are a child playing to defeat your parents, who are (apparently...)  Team Rocket grunts. You manipulate Pokemon and fight your Pokemon enemies, and at the end of every level there is a boss, which is supposed to get harder every level. I'll keep you updated as soon as I get more info.

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