Saturday, December 31, 2011

Results for the First Round!

Okay, now that I HOPE everyone has battled their matchups, you can now post the results here so I can see who's advancing to the next round. I'm extending the deadline to January 6, so we have a little more time to communicate and set up battle times. Thanks everyone!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pokemon of the Week: Milotic!!!

Pokemon of the Week!
#350 Milotic
What's up, Pokemon 101 fans! This is my first ever POTW, so please bear with me.
Milotic, one of my personal favorites, is a Water type UU Pokemon that, in my opinion, should be used to wear opponents down due to its base 125 Sp. Def., 95 base HP, and the fact that it only has one type. Milotic is weak against Grass and Electric types, and with not so much of a variety of moves, should not be used against them (except in Gen V, when Milotic can use Bulldoze). However, Milotic can use moves such as Recover and Rain Dance, which also makes it a good team player.
Milotic has two abilities, Cute Charm, which can infatuate the opponent, and Marvel Scale, which boosts Def. while Burned, Poisoned, etc.
Physically Defensive:
Leftovers, Marvel Scale, Bold Nature
1st Move: Scald
2nd Move: Recover
3rd Move: Ice Beam/Hidden Power Grass
4th Move: Toxic/Haze/Dragon Tail
EVs: 252HP/248 Def./8 Speed
I believe that this is truly the best way to use a bulky Water type like Milotic. Leftovers, Marvel Scale, and Recover keep Milotic alive for almost forever, while Scald is the perfect Water move with a chance to burn. Hidden Power Grass will take away those pesky Electrics and Ice Beam will annihilate Grass users. Finally there's Toxic, which will make opponents continue to lose health, while there is almost no way to stop it, if you play with items.
Leftovers, Marvel Scale, Calm Nature
1st Move: Rest
2nd Move: Sleep Talk
3rd Move: Scald
4th Move: Dragon Tail
EVs: 252HP/192 Def./ 56 SpD/8 Speed
This moveset provides a way to deal consistent damage to any opponent. Rest, Leftovers, and Marvel Scale, again keep Milotic alive to deal out some damage. Dragon Tail will deal some damage and force your opponent to switch out (except for Pokemon like Octillery), allowing you to find out which Pokemon you should hit with that Scald.
Life Orb/Leftovers, Marvel Scale, Timid Nature
1st Move: Hydro Pump/Surf
2nd Move: Ice Beam
3rd Move: Hidden Power Grass/Hidden Power Electric
4th Move: Recover
EVs: 4HP/252 SpA/252 Speed
Using a Milotic in this way would be a bit of a gamble without EVs, because a Grass or Electric type could come along and blow you out of the water. However, if you do have these EVs, you would have a force to be reckoned with. Ice Beam takes out Grass types, and Hydro Pump and Surf deal real damage, but still, an Electric type could come along and KO Milotic with a Thunder.
In short, Milotic is a great Pokemon, if you know how to use it ;)
That's all for this POTW! (my 1st ever one) I'll see some of you guys in the Winter Cup!
P.S: Sorry if this is a little short, or if this comes out with no indents. Not my fault.

*2/2 QC
*2/2 GC

Saturday, December 17, 2011


HEY EVERYONE! I know it's been pretty nice having activity on this site for the Winter Cup. And for some reason, the perfect way to organize this tourney JUST popped into my mind a few seconds ago. I'm going to edit the post on Winter Cup and this is how we are going to organize it:

1)First of all, there is a time limit to all of this, and I realize that. We are going to have to set individual match-ups INSTEAD.

2) Second of all, this is a PO tournament, so we can easily watch it, and enjoy ourselves.

3) This brings me to not organize a certain DATE, on when the tournament should be. It can't be held on a single day, as this is being held during the holidays. Which brought me to a GENIUS IDEA....

4) We are going to have match-ups, and every person who joined will have a random match-up qualification match. This will provide you a battle against another person who joined, and whoever wins will pass on to the next round.

5) Now, the people who signed up are the following......:

-Victor Pham
-Awesome Sauce
-813fe1d8-2063-11e1-bd60-000f20980440 (Albert)
-Felix Serrano
-Leinad Ttekcah

6) You may have noticed that I have taken myself, and Leinad out of the match-ups, due to certain things on vacation. But don't worry, I'll be moderating, and trying to watch you guys as much as possible.


8) I'm going to run this like so. I will match you guys up. You guys will be given a disqualification date. This date will be BEFORE you guys have a battle, AND post up the results. You HAVE to post the results to make it valid, otherwise BOTH of you will be taken out of the future matches. For holidays' sake, I'm going to make the first date JANUARY 3. JANUARY 3. Mark this date somewhere, and remember to have your match with your assigned opponent. AND. DON'T FORGET TO POST.


813fe1d8-2063-11e1-bd60-000f20980440 (Albert) VS. PASTRYBOMB




Januaray 3'RD everyone! Goodluck competing!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Cup Dates?

Okay, for everyone who is entering the Winter Cup, this post will provide every single possible date for the tourney:

December 25
December 26
December 27
December 28
December 29
December 30
December 31

These are all the possible dates if you want the cup to be during this December. If you DO NOT want the cup to be during this time, make sure you mention it. Thanks!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Artemis of Today's Metagame!

#380 Latias

pokemon art 
Hello there followers and random people who came about this website, welcome to only my 2nd POTW! I know I never finished my Rate My Team, but I'll be sure to finish this. So! Lets get down to business shall we?

Latias is a superb pokemon with a quite stellar typing finding itself with a multitude of resistances to many common attacking types in today's metagame, courtesy of her Dragon Typing. While her Dragon Typing is a great boon over many pokemon, she has one of the worst defensive typing's that accompany with her. Psychic. This allows her to become weak to common atacks such as Scizor's U-Turn, or a Tyranitar's Pursuit. There is a good side to this though, as this allows her to have a great resistance to common fighting types like Mienshao who enjoy spamming Hi Jump Kicks everywhere.  However her brother is usually picked over her because of Latios' Stellar power. But, Latias works a great defensive pivot for teams searching for a pokemon who can dish out some damage, but act as a great special attacker too. 
Lets start simple shall we?

Calm Mind: 
Move 1: Calm Mind
Move 2: Recover 
Move 3: Dragon Pulse 
Nature: Timid
EV's: 252 HP/ 252 Speed/ 4 Special Attack
Item: Leftovers  
 “Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.”
This saying is quite true for Latias, pertaining to her color, and the fact that she IS willing to draw blood from YOU while staying a very calm position. This is a fairly standard set for Latias, unlike Latios who prefers to just hit right off the bat with powerful choice Specs Draco Meteors. The point of this set is to come in on something that doesn't threaten like lets say Starmie's Hydro Pump. Due to her gargantuan base 130 special defense, this allows her to shrug off any damage that is resisted from special attackers. From there you would set up Calm Minds then sweep.After a few Calm Minds she'll be able to hit like a really big angry truck, that wants to smash tiny sea stars and stuff that don't outspeed her amazing 110 base speed. The Second move recover is used to let her take hits from stuff that are neutral or resisted and then recover off the damage. This also increases her longevity and durability allowing her to wall some threats. The 3rd move is the obligatory STAB move of choice having no immunities ta all, making it a great mono attacking move. The 4th move has many different options. Hidden Power Fire is most likely the best move you'll take, as it allows her to hit steel-types such as Scizor or Ferrothorn, with super effective damage. It also has great coverage hitting everything neutral except for Heatran. Substitute is also a great option for Latias, allowing to keep away from status, and if they're unable to break the substitute the first time, that's a free Calm Mind there. Roar is the last move we will consider as it allows her to deal with setup sweepers, gain some entry hazard  damage and phazing. These moves have different uses, so choose the one you think would support your team the best. The EV's and nature are quite straightforward, allowing the most speed to outspeed base 109's and below, and neutral natured base 110's. The HP EV's allow the most amount of bulk to both sides allowing you to tank hits incredibly well. You may also take the alternate route of 252 HP/ 252 Defense, if you prefer having bulk over speed, and working it more as a bulky set up sweeper than a defensive pivot. 
Move 1: Dragon Pulse      
Move 2: Recover / Wish
Move 3: Roar 
Move 4: Reflect / Protect
Nature: Timid
EV's: 252 HP / 252 Speed / 4 Def
Item: Leftovers
"Rather than supporting you, Support the people around you"   
This is most definitely true for Latias. As a powerful special wall, it can be no question that there should be a support set. While a Dual Screen set works much better from Latios due to the boon known as Memento, Latias Support capabilities are very good. Providing a great phazing pokemon, with a bulky special wall is a great combination, especially when combined with the gargantuan bird known as Skarmory. The 1st move is your obligatory STAB move, where you know, you won't become taunt bait. If you do your forced to struggle, and yeah. For the second slot, you have a choice between recover or wish. Recover is recommended due to it being instant, allowing her to stay alive longer. Wish on the other hand should be used in tandem with protect, or you may have a harder time staying alive. You should take wish if you really want to take on the support role of a pokemon because wish helps your WHOLE team. Your 3rd move is Roar, providing great phazing, entry hazard damage, and screwing up set-up sweepers and baton chains. The 4th move is up to you. While Reflect allows you to take on more physical attackers, and in tandem helps your team, Protect allows you to scout for the opponents move, and in tandem with wish provides safe and reliable recovery.   This pokemon should be used when you need a strong special defensive wall, and also need a good team supporter. Latias is a perfect role providing phazing, maybe wish passing, and a great typing which allows her to switch in with ease, and force other switches. 
Choice Specs:
Move 1: Draco Meteor
Move 2: Dragon Pulse / Hidden Power Fire
Move 3: Surf / Hidden Power Fire
Move 4: Trick 
Nature: Timid
EV's: 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Item: Choice Specs 

 "I see the world in a different way. Through Specs." 

Just like the saying I just made up, Latias is to be used as a different way than her counterpart Latios. If you prefer more power then choose Latios, but if you decide to Latias Always remember to sue her as a DEFENSIVE PIVOT. Don't be like Latios and spam Draco Meteor! Use her as a powerful special wall, who dishes out a mediocre amount of damage compared to Latios, with Draco Meteor. Unlike Latios, Latias is able to come in many more times than Latios due to her awesome base 130 special defense. Allowing her to spam Draco Meteors, to weaken the enemy team a bit. As a defensive Pivot, you come in on neutral or resisted attacks, fire off a correct move, when they switch or if they don't. The 1st move will be the one you'll be using the most most likely because its just so powerful despite her 110 base special attack. The 2nd move is up to you, whether you want consistent damage in the form of Dragon Pules, or being able to catch steels off guard, and annihilate them. Surf is used in the 3rd slot, but once again you can use Hidden Power Fire to catch steel off guard. Surf allows you to hit Heatran for a reliable 2HKO, and provide a powerful move to hit steel types other than HP Fire. The 4th move is trick ,allowing you to destroy a wall on their team, or most importantly your number one counter. Blissey! Trick literally blindsides Blissey, destroying her by reducing her walling capabilities. Overall, use this if you want a powerful special wall who wants to dish out some damage. 

Well, that's all for this weeks POTW, and I guess I'll see you guys next time! 

~Pastrybomb~ ~Joshua~ 

*1/2 GC*
*1/2 QC*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Coming UP!

So the Pokemon101 WINTER CUP is going to begin in somewhere between late January and late December, and held via PO. Sign-ups end December 16. Second of all, on the poll on the left side (for this week only) you will have to highlight your choice on when the bout should take place. To see the choices, you have to highlight the (hardly able to see) white text. Third, when you want to view any POTW's, and don't want to go searching through my archives with random junk, just click the Pokemon of the Week button on the toolbar, and you will see our current POTW, along with past ones. Also, when people join the blog, and want to obtain authorship, PLEASE PM me, or comment on ANY post telling me. Another thing. On the right hand side, you will see that the SECOND thing on the right side says SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG HERE AND BELOW! First of all, if you want to receive a notification WHENEVER THE BLOG IS UPDATED, enter your Email and follow the instructions they give you. The one below it is for public display. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR BOTH. Lastly, any other Winter Cup information needed can be asked here. If you need to see the original post OR WANT TO SIGN UP, click HERE!!!!!! Thanks again for your support!