The Fiery Wyverns!

This clan is all about the battling and having fun! Meeting people while battling each other is what we dragons are about. We train at our hardest to take each other and our enemies down. We will stop at nothing to win, because a real warrior of wyverns will never give up! Here in the clan, we have three types of dragons. The scaliest, tougher, and bravest of us all are the Dynamic Dragons. They are as hard as rock, with souls as soft as water, yet fiery, and subtle. The MagnaWarriors are compassionate and highly developed fighters. Lastly, the Blooming Dragons are the youth and base of our group. Also as rewards, we have a special program. In addition to the Pokeshop101 for everyone on the site, members of this clan are automatically doubled in point values. If any of them win a battle and post the results, they will be added five points (only the winner receives points). The loser is left with one point. As far as ranking, everyone starts at the bottom of their division. As they work their way up the ladder, every five battles won will mean an upgrade to the next subdivision. If they reach the top of the division, all they have to do is defeat the division leader to move up an entire division. If you beat a division leader, that battle will count as five battles won, or in really simple terms, a rank up.

Not only electrifying, but also fiery and blazing..... a true  Dynamic Dragon.

Dynamic Dragons:

-JonathanAuh (Dynamic Dragons' leader; 4/1/0)

Truly brave and eccentric fighters....... MagnaWarriors.

-Pastrybomb/Chocolate_Scizor (MagnaWarriors' leader; 0/0/0)

A warrior in development.... a true Blooming Dragon.
Blooming Dragons:

-Awesome_Sauce (Blooming Dragons' Leader; 0/0/0)

-LittleMan_200 (2/4/0)

-VictorxVanz (1/2/0)

-Joe (0/0/0)

-No flaming, cussing, trolling, or spamming ANYTIME.
-No putting down others and always be open-minded.
-Be patient because this adding and stuff is all manually done.
-Respect all other members.
-Do not be a clan hopper, and we are just a "resting stop."
-Please follow ALL the rules to enjoy to the most. :)

Joining the Clan.....

If you do want to join this clan, we will make sure you know how to battle and treat you like family! I hope we can have members, and people who sign up will be tested as soon as I can. Every person who joins has an inner dragon. I'll make sure to find which one you are. :) If you would like to sign up, please  fill the form below and  comment on this page. 

Name (Screen-name):
Why do you like this game:
Pokemon Online?:
Can you fufill any jobs (stated below):

Every member can take a specific role. These roles are simple, but require activity. They are the following.....:

-Co-leader (in charge of things when I'm not here)
-Battle tester(s) (tests newcomers on Pokemon Online or Wi-Fi to ranks)
-Battle tutor(s) (teach others how to really battle)
-Advertising (spreading the site/clan name)
-Clan Artist(s) (this may include xat sprites, or just artwork)
-Breeder (EV training and getting flawless Pokemon)

Clan Jobs:
-Jonathan Auh (clan leader)
-Pastrybomb (Co-leader & battle tester)
-AwesomeSauce (battle tutor)
-VictorxVANz/Just A Dream (battle tester)
-LittleMan_200 (advertiser)
-Joe (breeder/advertiser)

So if you dare...... join the Fiery Wyverns, and become recognized for courage and fiery greatness!

Chat Box..... Wyverns Only!

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  1. WHOOP! As our first clan, THIS THREAD IS APPROVED. :) Anyone can join now. :D

  2. awesomesauce
    Played Pokemon since I was 6. Started w/ FireRed
    Pokemon helps with strategy.
    It's boss.
    Advertising or Battle Tutor

  3. Hmmmmm..... I guess I approve it. ;) I'm having a bit of trouble of deciding your rank..... but I think you're pretty goood. So...... since you're a novice, but despite a lack of COMPETITIVE experience, I'm setting you as the leader of the Blooming Dragons.... thanks for joining. ;)

  4. Name (Screen-name): Pastrybomb
    Experience: I've battled competitively for about 2 years. I've joined clans on serebii, and have done pretty well laddering on PO, but random noobs screw me up.
    Why do you like this game: I enjoy this game because teambuilding lows for lots of time for thinking and yeah. strategy when fighting people is great because it allows for predicting.
    Pokemon Online?: Yes Names Chocolate_Scizor
    Can you fufill any jobs (stated below): -Co-leader (in charge of things when I'm not here)
    -Battle tester(s) (tests newcomers on Pokemon Online or Wi-Fi to ranks)
    -Battle tutor(s) (teach others how to really battle)
    -Advertising (spreading the site/clan name)

    Thanks Jonathan!

  5. AHAAAAAAA, Pastrybomb. I know you. BWAAAAAAA. I'm stating you as clan sub-leader..... I'm setting you on battle tester.... and you are now the leader of the MagnaWarriors! sO GOOD LUCK, And WELCOME!

  6. And I forgot, Brendan, I'm going to set you as battle tutor. So be patient with newcomes? Ja?

  7. Name: Just a dream
    Experience: I watched Pokemon since 3 years old and played since 5, but i still suck ^^
    Do you like this game: Yes, but i rage quit :)Pokemon-Online?: What does this mean -.-
    Can you fuill any jobs? : Yes

  8. WHOOP! Victor, I need to test battle you to decide your rank. :) I think you can suit battle tester just fine with Pastrybomb. And YOU'RE OKAY. I think we're gonna be the best clan on this site. ^Hinthint

  9. Name (Screen-name):dark_blaziken101
    Experience:i started playing gold and silver
    Why do you like this game:cuz i do ( i think tht sums it up)
    Pokemon Online?:um if ur asking if i like it sure
    Can you fufill any jobs (stated below):yes

  10. Haha, welcome Little_Man200! You are accepted into this clan, I hope you enjoy it. First off, I need to give you a test battle, so be on the Xat so I can challenge you on to a Pokemon Online battle....... next off, I need you to choose a job. :)

  11. Thanks, Jonathan. And to be sure, I'm the Gible?

  12. Well, yea. The Gible is FOREVER reserved for you pal. :) Until I can find a new division leader, you will be that guy forever..... :P People can beat you, but never take that avatar from you.

  13. Im a breeder but i cant curse... were do i sign up xD and good clan im new so w.e just started pokemon competitively last year :p i know how to ev train perfectly. B-)

  14. Name (Joe
    Experience:2 years
    Why do you like this game: it good time killer and its very addicting and fun :p
    Pokemon Online?:gots it
    Can you fufill any jobs (stated below):yes especially breeder i have a very hi patience and can ev for a long amount of time and is quiet well at it

  15. Hmmmmmm ;D You're accepted into the clan! :P You are pretty good, so I'm setting you as clan breeder. Thanks for joining!

  16. i won one and victor won one
    victor= 1 win 1 lose
    I= 1 win 1 lose

  17. Intense battle with VictorxVanz..... wow. A good opponent! BUT. My trusty tri-sweepers took him out for me! :D

  18. Jonathan, help me make a really good team. As you saw, my second OU team is pretty boss, but I need a main team that I can always count on.

  19. P.S Who's gonna make the next POTW?

    1. Btw everyone, the blog format has changed, and its a lot better. :D You can now reply to things. As I am of right now. Now to the part of the question that I didn't answer, if you want Brendan, you could write it.

  20. Who's Jonathan? My name is Jonathan AUH. :D Jk. Anyways, I can help you make a good team, just give me a note at school about what you're looking for, and I'll PM or email you a good base.

  21. Giving you guys a head up....... there's new events on the News page...

  22. Beat two dudes on PO, and lost two matches. Does that count for my clan profile? If not, then what does?

    1. You have to beat someone in the clan by organizing a battle. :) I'll try to battle all of you when you're on.

    2. How about Saturday around noonish. I have no idea what team I'll use. Maybe the one Josh helped me with.... IDK

  23. Good battles with LittleMan_200...... he won the first.... I raged all over the place and swept him three times later. Good games!

    1. Also, clan battling record is now 4/1/0.

  24. I have restarted the chat because something happened to the old one. If you happen to have a chance, leave your computer on the Xat so I can allow you to chat in the box my making you a member.

  25. Dang! Awww.... I was on a perfect 3-0 5 game win streak, and went up 100 points on the Pokemon Online ranking..... until some sun team noob decided to press Find Match...

    1. WOOP! Aha..... I just improved to 10-1 for today... not bad, huh?

  26. I just noticed... I may be stupid, but the link says Blazing Quintet Warriors... actually sounds pretty good...

    1. HAHAHAH. When I first created it, I based it off of fire-types. I changed it, but I couldn't change the URL.

  27. Wow, Pokemon Online got better with the new forms, I'll be sure to update our Pokemon Black/White 2 page about the changes. And don't forget to download Pokemon Online 1.0.60 (I think) to be able to use the Therian forms. AND don't forget to battle me!

    Username: Homura_101
    Server: Pokemon Online


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