Join a Clan!

Similar to Serebii's features, I'm going to create clans. These clans can be used to create specific events, have private battles, and you can challenge other clans to battles, where your clans can war. These clans do have requirements though..........

-In order to CREATE a clan, you must have my permission, a REAL name, and be a follower of the site and an author.

-If you comment on this post, you will be asking for not only making your own clan, but also to be an author, which means you will HAVE to post with your email address. People who just want to JOIN a clan do not have to be authors, but must be members.

-Clans have a limit of 7 people, unless the site gets bigger.

-In more details on clan wars, read ahead...

Clan Wars: The Inside Details.....

Every clan should have a war team. A war team may consist of up 4 people, which is nearly a whole clan. The extra people serves the purpose as a substitution if one person cannot make it to the bouts. Clan wars are battles between two clans. Each clan will select their team for battle, in a 1 2 3 4 order. The other team will also select their order, and both teams must battle with the ones facing off, the twos facing off, etc. The winning clan gets to post that they have defeated the other team, and everyone on the winning clan is rewarded 20 points. The losing clan has to show somewhere on their page that they have lost to another clan, and they are rewarded 5 points for participating. (These points are on the main-page points page.)

SO. I'm creating a clan.... and I hope you all follow the style in that I create the clan in. Thanks! If you want to join, just comment on that clan page, IN THEIR request format. :) Happy battling to all!


  1. I have created a new clan...... if you want to join, go read how to on that page.

  2. I wish to create a clan. It shall be called The Shining MaGIkARpS~!

    Where we only use Level 100 Magikarps that only know the moves Splash, Flail, and Hyper Beam!

    When challenging us, if one of our Magikarps defeats one of your pokemon then we win the whole match AUTOMATICALLY! NOW JOIN!

  3. Bwah. You can actually create that..... but make sure you're not being serious completely. :)

  4. Hi, I'm Kyle Irwin. I want to create a new clan. I'll email you the details. :)


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