Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pokemon of the Week!!!!!! AGGRON!

The Iron Armor Pokemon:

Ummmmmmm…… one of the flaws that almost made me put a different Pokemon on my team, was the terrible typing Aggron received: Rock and steel, which might be the worse one yet. This means a lot of things, lots of resistances, but the weaknesses are fatal and deadly. Water type is common nowadays, and that is a weakness. Fighting types and ground types are the types to watch out for, especially since the two 4x damages are common on team sweepers and tanks. But Aggron has an amazing defense stat, and also an above average attack stat. Its other stats are low, and below average. But, what makes Aggron so dangerous is a new ability: Rock Head. This allows Aggron to use recoil moves without recoil. It’ll explain it later.

Ability: Rock Head: Receives no recoil from recoil moves.
Item: Leftovers
-Focus Punch
-Magnet Rise/Thunder Wave
-Head Smash
Ev: 120 HP, 252 attack, 132 speed, 6 special defense
Nature: Adamant

My favorite set of Aggron, because of a beastly attack: Head Smash. Now you’re thinking, “WOW. This guy’s insane, he’s choosing an Aggron with Head Smash?!?!?!? Amazing recoil!!!” BUT, Aggron receives a sick ability called Rock Head, which allows recoil moves to be free of their recoil, which now means you have a base power 225 attack (after STAB) with NO recoil. Yea. That’s what I thought. Amazing. Now, don’t think this is the only good thing in your set. With a reliable speed investment, now Aggron could outspeed the Skarmory going for Roost! This is extremely nice. With that many HP ev’s, Aggron could now abuse Substitute, which is another key in this set. Substituting and Focus Punching may be one of the most common combos, but it is powerful. After a secure sub, you could then go for a Magnet Rise, which now makes you Levitate, so now you lose one of your worst nightmares, ground moves. Or instead, you could set up a substitute by using Thunder Wave, and hoping for the Para-Hax, but I’d prefer forgetting about one of your greatest KO shots. Absolutely crazy, you just turned one of the worst Pokemon in UU into a Pokemon deserving of a spot in OU. :D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pokemon of the Week! NINJASK!!!

Okay. So this Pokemon of the Week is pretty cool. NINJASK. The ninja Pokemon. Ahh, a new addition to any speedy sweeping team. Kind of in the UU environment, due to its lack of defense, which is its only huge flaw. Its speed is the second highest in the entire game, and it is the fastest  Pokemon that is not a legendary. Amazing huh? Its base stats are pretty cool, its only downfalls being the suckish defenses. Its ability allows Ninjask to sweep a team quickly, and Baton Pass effectively.
Ability: Speed Boost- Raises speed one stage every turn.
Held Item: Focus Sash
Ev's: Max out in attack, while split any remaining EV's in defense and special defense and speed IF you want
Nature: Adamant

-Baton Pass
-Swords Dance
-Dig/Aerial Ace

BatonJask is my favorite moveset, because of Ninjask's ability to Baton Pass so effectively and well. The only hinderance you need to watch out for, is Ninjask's defenses. Thats why the EV's should be split between them. First of all, you use Swords Dance, boosting your attack two stages, and the opponent can do some things: Set up for a sweep, set up entry hazards, or attack. Don't forget you have the ability Speed Boost, so if he decides to attack OR set up, you will gain one stage of speed. If he sets up for a sweep, the next turn you can Swords Dance again, considering you have a Focus Sash on, so you would be able to survive the hit. This now means you have either two stages of attack and one stage of speed pepped up, or four stages of attack and two stages of attack pepped up. This will allow you to Baton Pass, or sweep the entire team. Your speed is unlikely to be outbeaten, so you have two options: Switch to a bulkier Pokemon that can withstand attacks unlike Ninjask, or go for the sweep. X-Scizzors is a fantastic move, with 120 base power (after STAB), Dig is cool because you can not only take down rock types and fire types, but stall for an extra turn, meaning another stage of speed is being added, and Aerial Ace is a move that never misses wit 90 base power (after STAB).

Thanks for subscribing, I hope people will find the new website! And next week's Pokemon of the Week will be a special Pokemon of the third generation, a huge battle tank, a sweeper, and a Pokemon that Ninjask COULD Baton Pass off to. THANKS!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Pokemon Blog!!!!

So guys, I accidently ERASED my old game file........ How it sucks that you guys will now not receive the Pokemon you were supposed to get.... D: But on his new website, it will be better than our old page, and be prepared for the events and newsletters on this more competitive blog. Thanks guys!