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Jonathan's Inner Parts! NEW SITE!!!!!

Hey everyone who is still here. I'm going to make a site about Jonathan called JONATHAN'S INNER PARTS!!!! It will be the best site for everyone! It will be for all teh girls and Josh and Thomas and ESPECIALLY ME >:D NOW JOIN TH ESITE WHEN I MAKE IT!

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Author Sign-Ups! Need ideas?!??!?!

So we have hit 17 followers recently, but we have no activity. Be sure to read posts, analyze and comment on them! Also.... if you want to become an author, please sign up here. The format is below. Also.... we need ideas for more posts! If you ever wanted anything on the site, please feel free to post! We need ideas for the site, such as POTW's and such! AUTHOR SIGNUP FORMAT: Name: Pokemon Online?: Experience: Why you?:

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Pokemon of the Week: Lizard..... of Death.

We have some important news, so be sure to check out the news page soon. Meanwhile, due to recent events, we want to make sure everyone knows, that the sly lizard Scrafty has emerged into OU!!! Here is a POTW, in dedication to him.

Groups of them beat up anything that enters their territory. Each can spit acidic liquid from its mouth. It can smash concrete blocks with its kicking attacks. The one with the biggest crest is the group leader.
Scrafty was going to be OU anyways, thanks to it's 115 base defenses, and decent 95 base attack. His speed and HP are his only low stats (not considering special attack). He is blessed with three amazing abilities: Moxie, Shed Skin, and Intimidate. Usually, Intimidate would be an amazing ability on any Pokemon, but on Scrafty, Intimidate is just a bit overshadowed, not allowing Scrafty to sweep easily. His access to both Moxie AND Dragon Dance allow him to become an amazing sweeper ater just a single Dragon Dance. His access to Shed Skin allows him to be the perfect Bulk Up user, especially with his great bulk and superior typing. I always favored Scrafty since the game first was released.

-Shed Skin: has a 30% percent chance of healing from a status condition: pure amazing. Scrafty can now avoid walls, such as Jellicent, while setting up.

-Moxie: raises attack one stage upon defeating an opponent: this ability is also cool, because it allows Scrafty to be a viable threat to any team after just 1-2 Dragon Dances.

-Intimidate: lowers the opponent's attack one stage upon entering battle: well.... it's a great ability, but doesn't suit Scrafty as well as his other abilities. It's just a bit overshadowed.


Beat this ghetto lizard fu.
-Drain Punch
-Bulk Up
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Careful
Item: Leftovers
EV's: 252 HP, 252 SP DEF, 4 ATTACK

This is probably the best set there is out there, seeing as it utilizes Scrafty's access to Bulk Up and Shed Skin to it's advantage, unlike a more straight forward immediate set, such as the Lizard Dancing set. The EV's are meant to give Scrafty as much special bulk as possible, while giving it all around bulk. Shed Skin is to shoo-away Will-O-Wispers, while setting up. You want as much HP as possible in this set so you can tank hits and recover easily. Bulk Up is obvious, since you need to increase your bulk and attack power. Drain Punch is for recovering HP when you need it, and is also a powerful HP draining STAB attack.  Payback is for nailing ghost-types, psychic-types, and nearly nothing more except for threats such as Thundurus and scum. Rest is a useful ability with Shed Skin, so if Shed Skin does not heal you, you have Rest as a back up recovery move. Scrafty's unique typing allows it to switch in to Psychic's and set up, or Payback it's face. Scrafty gets two amazingly good STAB's, which allow great coverage. This set's counters include three Pokemon who resist this set: Toxicroak, Thundurus, and Heracross (Heracross and Toxicroak are a bit uncommon).

-Hi Jump Kick/Drain Punch
-Dragon Dance
-Ice Punch/Taunt
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Jolly
Item: Leftovers/Life Orb
EV'S: 252 attack, 252 speed, 4 HP

Scrafty is an odd choice for the Dragon Dance set due to it's lack of speed, but it's spread out and impressive bulk allow him to set up well. You want max speed and attack, with more speed. Jolly is used to maximize that. You could opt for Leftovers if you want recovery, but if you want a hard hit sweeping Scrafty, you would probably opt for Life Orb to pack a little more "punch" in your blows. Moxie is chosen to utilize Dragon Dance to it's fullest, making Scraty a threat to any team after a single Dragon Dance. Dragon Dance is used to boost both speed and attack in one go. HiJumpKick would be used for the more offensive Dragon Dance users, as it has tremendous power after STAB. Drain Punch would be for the HP used up trying to set up. Ice Punch can be used to annhialate Thundurus, but Taunt can take care of Gyarados and other phazers. Crunch is a powerful move after STAB, with a decent chance of defense drops, which comes in handy sometimes.

Countering Scrafty:
If you want to counter Scrafty, it's virtually impossible if he's running a Dragon Dance set, and already has two Dragon Dances. But something like Conkeldurr can easily annhialate this set with a STAB and Flame Orb MAch Punch. For the Bulk-Up set, you want something like Gyarados to Taunt it. Thundurus can be used, but is a bit ineffective, due to the ability Shed Skin. Toxicroak is probably the number one counter to Scrafty, as on the Bulk Up set, it resists both of Scrafty's STAB's, and can set up easily.

Thanks for reading, comment and subscribe!

***Pastrybomb: Physically bulky Pokemon that can phaze Scrafty out, such as Hippowdon, Skarmory, and Swampert can force Scrafty out as long as it isn't the last Pokemon on its team. Powerful Flying- and Fighting-type moves can inflict serious damage on Scrafty, as long as it hasn't yet accumulated numerous Bulk Up boosts, or if they're special. Good users of these moves are Terrakion, Virizion, Staraptor, and Conkeldurr. Users of Trick and Encore will also cripple most Scrafty sets, as they can lock Scrafty into Bulk Up or Dragon Dance. While Scrafty has decent defenses, boosted hits from certain powerhouses such as Latios will often be too much for Scrafty to handle.

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Hey guys! We at RemixGamerFTW are now requesting music requests! Comment here and we'll upload as many as we can! Don't go over board though :o

POTW Last Chance much?

Hey everyone! This is my final POTW. This is my graduation test. In hopes of exploring the world I have to show a little glimpse of my serious phase. Well to leave a mark for the site, I'm going to write about my favorite pokemon. DRAGONITE! This POTW is dedicated to one of my best friends of Youtube.... PIMPNITE! Alright let's get started guys.

Dragonite is a very versatile anti-metagame threat that has a trick for just about every occasion. Offensively, its great Attack and good Special Attack are complemented by a huge movepool, including its obligatory Dragon-type STAB moves, Draco Meteor and Outrage; the powerful Flying-type STAB, Hurricane; and Dragon Dance to outrun just about every threat in a metagame filled with slow, bulky Pokemon. Defensively, its bulk combines with Multiscale nicely to make a stalling phazer viable. However, residual damage from the likes of Stealth Rock and sandstorm negates Multiscale, making it more difficult for Dragonite to use its bulk effectively. Dragonite was the most powerful Dragon-type in D/P when Salamence was sent to the UBER tier. Dragonite is OU in B/W. Dragonite is simply so versatile that many different variants of the existing sets are possible. It also has an extremely large non-attacking movepool, containing moves such as Agility, Heal Bell, and Haze. However, many of these are incompatible with Multiscale, including Heal Bell. Agility is mostly overkill for boosting Speed in this metagame, and is hardly worth the lack of an Attack boost. Fire Punch may be tempting on the mixed attacker sets to hit specially defensive Ferrothorn harder and to retain a powerful Fire-type move after Draco Meteor is used, but its advantage is low, and Fire Punch is a contact move, which means that Dragonite will suffer damage from Iron Barbs.Dragonite is so versatile that one can forget about finding a surefire counter at the outset. However, fast Ground-types and bulky Steel-types, such as Jirachi, Excadrill, Landorus, and Scizor, are fairly good checks and revenge killers, particularly to the Parashuffler set. The Parashuffler set is also vulnerable to Taunt, which locks Dragonite into Dragon Tail. In general, Dragonite abhors status ailments and residual damage of all sorts. This makes Tyranitar and Hippowdon great assets for combating it, as both have Sand Stream and Stealth Rock to make Multiscale more difficult to use.A few defensive Pokemon deal with Dragonite fairly well. Cresselia is a good check for most Dragonite sets, but it has a hard time with the Parashuffler set unless it can catch it outside of a Substitute, or if Cresselia is the last Pokemon. Hippowdon and Skarmory are good checks to Dragon Dance variants, but they do not deal with other sets so well due to phazing, special attacks, or sheer power.Cloyster and Haxorus deserve special mentions. While it is not advisable for either Pokemon to switch directly into Dragonite, Cloyster can take a physical attack from Dragonite, use Shell Smash, and start a sweep with Icicle Spear, which hits through Multiscale. Haxorus has Mold Breaker and an extremely high 147 base Attack, which means that it will deal very heavy damage to Dragonite with Outrage, ignoring Multiscale.Dragonite's Passive Abilities are Inner Focus and Multiscale.


Choice Band Dragonite
~ Outrage
~ Fire Punch
~ Dragon Claw/Waterfall
~ Extremespeed
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Dragonite's gigantic attacking movepool and high Attack stat make a Choice Band set very effective and somewhat unpredictable. There are many options to place into the four moveslots, but Outrage and Fire Punch are highly recommended for the perfect type coverage (even Heatran is 2HKOed by Outrage, and Ferrothorn is OHKOed outside of rain). Dragon Claw provides an alternative STAB move that does not lock Dragonite in, while Waterfall is a useful move to add coverage in rain. Either Fire Punch or Waterfall will 2HKO Jirachi, Skarmory, and Bronzong in the appropriate weather. ExtremeSpeed rounds out the set to pick off weakened faster threats; Latios and Latias, for example, do not require much damage for the KO. This set is also very good at leading because it gets the opponent guessing right off the bat and threatens an OHKO on most slower Pokemon, such as Tyranitar and Ferrothorn.
Comments: I personally would prefer Waterfall over Dragon Claw in this set since Ferrothorn is SO common in competitive battling. At least this way you have a partially advantage in the rain and you still have Outrage. Fire Punch is also recommended to have since you'll have an advantage against Ferrothorn and have type coverage.The Speed EVs are maximized to tie at worst with Chandelure and opposing Dragonite. They can be lowered to 148 and still outrun Magnezone lacking a Choice Scarf, though any lower and Magnezone can just nail Dragonite with Hidden Power Ice. A Jolly nature is possible to get the jump on 252 Speed Adamant Gyarados, and maximizing Speed on top of this allows Dragonite to outrun Adamant Lucario and Timid Heatran, but the loss in power relative to Adamant is significant. Superpower is a great move to OHKO Blissey, Tyranitar, and Ferrothorn in the rain, but since it is incompatible with Multiscale, it may be more trouble than it is worth. Aqua Tail is also tempting, but Waterfall lands the same KOs while maintaining perfect accuracy.Removing or preventing sources of residual damage, especially Stealth Rock, is very helpful for the set's hit-and-run nature. Hitmontop is an interesting Rapid Spin-using partner, due to its ability to KO Excadrill and Terrakion with Fake Out followed by Mach Punch. Stealth Rock on the opponent's side of the field is also very helpful for the switches that this Dragonite will cause. This set greatly appreciates paralysis support from the likes of Jirachi, Ferrothorn, Thundurus, or Whimsicott; the former two can also switch into priority attacks, such as Scizor's Bullet Punch. Wish support from Blissey or Jirachi is also appreciated if it can be afforded. The destruction of Ground- and Steel-types with prediction can open the opponent up to assaults from other attackers such as Scizor, Landorus, Latios, and Thundurus. Revenge killers, such as Excadrill and Latios, can be handled using the appropriate counters, such as Rotom-W for the former and Jirachi for the latter.
Bulky Dragon Dance Item:Leftovers/Lum Berry Ability: Multiscale Nature: Adamant/Jolly
~ Dragon Dance
~ Dragon Claw/Outrage
~ Fire Punch
~ Roost
252 HP / 44 Atk / 212 Spe
In a metagame running rampant with frail attackers and their bulky counters, the ability to boost one's Speed and offensive capability simultaneously is a valuable asset. This set outruns Modest Choice Scarf Politoed after one Dragon Dance, and Choice Scarf Landorus after two. Dragonite's bulk allows for relatively easy setup, making it a very potent threat that can run right through the unprepared. Roost and Multiscale make a powerful combination that preserves Dragonite's HP while it is setting up or plowing through a particularly tough opponent, making the process safer and easier to pull off. Fire Punch is a great auxiliary attack to hit bulky Grass- and Steel-types harder.
Comments: Dragon Claw is usually preferred because this set appreciates every opportunity that it can get to use Roost or Dragon Dance again, but Outrage is not a bad alternative for a more aggressive take on this set. Lum Berry is an excellent alternative to Leftovers as well, because the opponent will inevitably consider trying to check Dragonite's rampage with paralysis, Toxic, or a burn, which will thus be foiled. Waterfall and Brick Break mainly hit Terrakion, Tyranitar, and Heatran, but Fire Punch tends to have better overall coverage unless Dragonite is on a rain team. ExtremeSpeed is tempting for picking off weakened threats, but it is fairly weak with this EV spread. 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly is a faster spread that, after two Dragon Dances, outpaces Adamant Excadrill in the sand and Venusaur carrying Hidden Power Fire in the sun. A much slower EV spread of 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe Careful is also possible, though at that point, Choice Scarf variants of Politoed, Terrakion, and Landorus may cause problems. Yet another possibility is Substitute, though it is difficult to fit into this moveset. Removal or prevention of Stealth Rock is highly recommended, as it will allow Dragonite to make use of Multiscale from the start and be able to set up much more easily. This can be accomplished through Rapid Spin users, such as Starmie and Hitmontop, and Magic Bounce users, such as Espeon. A teammate to set up Stealth Rock on the opponent's side is also important because this set does not have as much immediate power as some of the other, more offensive Dragonite sets, and every bit of damage helps. Revenge killers such as Excadrill, Scizor, Choice Scarf Terrakion, and Choice Scarf Landorus, as well as threats not covered by the chosen coverage move (e.g. Ferrothorn or Gliscor), can stop Dragonite's sweep cold. This makes Rotom-W a very viable partner, as it can burn Ferrothorn and scare off Terrakion, Gliscor, and Excadrill. Skarmory and Bronzong can deal with Landorus. Magnezone is yet another good partner that can trap and KO Ferrothorn and Scizor. Wish support from Blissey or Jirachi can be used to give Dragonite a "second wind" if it sustains too much damage and is forced out.

Mixed Attacker Dragonite Item: Life Orb Ability:Inner Focus Nature: Rash/Mild

~ Draco Meteor
~ Fire Blast
~ Superpower
~ Extremespeed/Roost
252 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
Draco Meteor is a nasty surprise to foes expecting a Dragon Dance sweep, and is backed up by Fire Blast. Superpower is for Heatran, Blissey, and Tyranitar, though it should be noted that Superpower is unobtainable with Multiscale. ExtremeSpeed can be used to finish off weakened foes and sweepers, but Roost greatly extends Dragonite's staying power. This set can also lead fairly well, especially with ExtremeSpeed, forcing the opponent into a guessing game right from the start and picking off opposing leads.
Comments: This set can run one of several natures. Generally, a Special Attack boosting nature (e.g. Rash, Mild, or Quiet) is recommended to power up Draco Meteor, but an Attack boosting nature (e.g. Lonely, Naughty, or Brave) is a decent option as well to power up ExtremeSpeed a bit more. Some EVs can be invested into Speed to outrun threats like Magnezone and Politoed, in which case it should be noted that 108 Attack EVs and an Attack boosting nature are needed to OHKO 252 HP / 252 Def Bold Blissey with Superpower. If using a Speed-reducing nature, having 28 Speed EVs is a good idea to outrun Timid Wobbuffet. Teams that require a diverse offensive wallbreaker will greatly appreciate this set. This set will tend to lure in and destroy opposing Steel-types such as Ferrothorn, Bronzong, and Skarmory, which the likes of Scizor, Landorus, Latios, and Thundurus can exploit. In return, Dragonite greatly appreciates Rapid Spin support and removal of sandstorm through Ninetales, Politoed, or Tornadus or Thundurus running Rain Dance. Hitmontop can serve the role of Rapid Spin user while keeping Excadrill and Terrakion in check. Bulky Steel-types such as Jirachi, Ferrothorn, and Heatran can be very helpful for switching into priority moves such as Scizor's Bullet Punch. Wish support from Blissey or Jirachi can be of great help as well, especially if Dragonite elects not to use Roost.
Offensive Dragon Dance Items: Life Orb/Leftovers Ability: Multiscale Nature:Adamant/Jolly
~ Dragon Dance
~ Dragon Claw/Outrage
~ Fire Punch
~ Extremespeed/Earthquake/Roost
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
In the past, Offensive Dragon Dance Dragonite was frequently shoved aside in favor of the faster Salamence, but Multiscale has changed this paradigm somewhat. The Speed difference is also less of an issue, as there are so few fast threats in the OU metagame, and Dragonite can outrun most of them. Although this set is generally riskier than a bulky Dragon Dance set, it is still fairly easy to set up, thanks to Multiscale boosting Dragonite's bulk. The given EV spread outruns Modest Choice Scarf Politoed after one Dragon Dance and Choice Scarf Pokemon up to base 107 Speed after two. Dragon Claw is the main STAB move, but Outrage is a strong alternative that can 2HKO Heatran, essentially giving Fire Punch perfect coverage with it. This set also has a very powerful ExtremeSpeed that can pick off faster Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Landorus, Venusaur in the sun, and Thundurus attempting to use Thunder Wave. If Outrage is being used, Earthquake may be a better alternative to ExtremeSpeed to OHKO Heatran and Jirachi rather than locking Dragonite into an Outrage. Roost is a good option as well to increase Dragonite's longevity.
Comments: Waterfall is a better option than Fire Punch on rain teams, while Brick Break is consistent in all weather conditions, but is not as powerful as Fire Punch or Waterfall in their respective weather conditions. The Speed EVs are maximized to attempt to tie with Chandelure and opposing Dragonite; a Jolly nature also outruns Adamant Excadrill in the sand after two Dragon Dances. Rapid Spin support is essential to make the best use of Multiscale while Dragonite is setting up, especially because it will also be suffering Life Orb recoil. This set will also cause some switches, making Stealth Rock very helpful. Rotom-W is a great defensive complement, easily countering the likes of Choice Scarf Terrakion, Excadrill, and Scizor. Bronzong and Skarmory can deal with Choice Scarf Terrakion, Excadrill, and Landorus, while Magnezone can trap and terminate Ferrothorn and Scizor.

Cheesecake-kun here! Cheesecake-kun is out!

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My Final Message.

All of you who are members of Pokemon101 heed my message. This is where i resign. I've lived this site and had dreams of being at the top. Yet, I could never make those dreams come true. I lived 12 years of pokemon. Jonathan Hua. You are my extension. You are my life. You shall continue my pokemon life. My soul belongs to pokemon101. Don't abandon the site. That means your abandoning me. You may think of me as a traitor, a killer, and a bad person overall. You can think that. Your probably right since i'm leaving due to my own selfish reasons. There's a lot to explore in the world besides pokemon. I've ended my life of pokemon because I remembered my life story. There was a lot more bad then good to tell you the truth. There is only one person who know part of my life story. He'll carry it. I believe you are all champions. You will succeed to be better than me. I'm just hurting my family*you guys* by writing this message. I will come to the site very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very occasionally. And when I come back, you never know what i might do. Heed my wisdom. Don't make the same mistakes I made. Be champions. Be pokemon fanatics. Be you. Don't change yourself. Jonathan. WHATEVER YOU DO. DO. NOT. CHANGE. People actually rely on your serious pokemon reviews instead of my silly POTWS. Though i might never get serious ever again, i'll always be that fun loving person you know. Now. It's time i say good-bye isn't it? Well you probably want me to stay right? Okay I'll stay for 30 minutes or so on the site. This is my final herro and mah final bai bai.

Good Luck and Have Fun Pokemon101!!

Let's be happy for the slick Pokemon......

Great! The Pokemon Scrafty is now officially classed as OU! This is awesome, seeing as Scrafty is just a pure beast, with both it's sets, Moxie Dragon Dance, Shed Skin Bulk Up sets, and Intimidation Bulk Up sets! He was voted in recently, so we have our next POTW! If anyone wants to review him and write his POTW, that would be great! Here's some great starting points:

-Scrafty has 115 base defenses, allowing him to tank hits pretty well as he sets up.
-He has both the options of Dragon Dance sets and Bulk Up sets due to his fantastic overall bulk.
-He has a decent and workable base 90 attack, so you can't underestimate him.
-He has bad speed, but therefore workable in Trick Room, a well classed variant in Dragon Dance sets, and a Bulk Up tank.
-He gets three THREE amazing abilities....
>Shed Skin
 All three of the abilities have great uses on Scrafty:
>Shed Skin allows Scrafty to Rest and recover it's HP, and also avoid burn conditions, which would otherwise ruin it's sweeping capabilities. This also make Jellicents only a decent counter to Scrafty.
>Moxie will be seen most run on Dragon Dance sets, seeing as the main point is to avoid hits (which will be no problem due to his defenses) while outspeeding and outspeed, just after a single or two Dragon Dances.
> Although on most Pokemon like Scrafty, Intimidate would be a blessing. It's other two abilities are much better though, but Intimidate still has some uses. If you run a Bulk Up Scrafty, this ability would be also useful, just not as great as being able to avoid status conditions, and heal.

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POTW The most powerful ever is....

Hey Everyone! This is Cheesecake-kun posting his first ever POTW! This will be a moment you surely won't want to forget! PastryBomb! Your Ferrothorn POTW is good.... but not as good as my MAGIKARP ONE! Magikarp is a super OP pokemon from the OU tier.

Yup :D Magikarp! Magikarp is the most powerful pokemon ever. It's immense super awesome splashing abilities enables it to LEAP OVER MOUNTAINS! That's right. Can your pokemon use splash to leap over mountains? That's what i thought. You guys think that magikarp is the weakest pokemon ever right? Well I'm going to prove you wrong!

1. First off you can buy a MAGIKARP! for 500 poke dollars in B/W
2. You don't have to go searching for this pokemon day and night! It can be found EVERYWHERE!*in water*
3. It's so amazing that it can't even learn TM's!*Except shiny and Dream World*
4. Magikarp has it's own freaking video!

First off here's the move set.

Triple O + SGM
4 HP/252 atk./252 speed or 252 HP/252 atk./4 speed
Either way your going to pwn those noobs who use legendarys.

- Choice Scarf/ Focus Sash/ Choice Band / Life Orb / Leftovers / Air Balloon / Eject Button/ Stick
-Jolly or Adamant


Focus Sash is good for making Flail work, especially to lead with. The other items are only mentioned because they are all just about as useful overall.You could maximize HP at the expense of Speed or Attack to turn OHKOs into 99% chance for OHKOs. You also might as well maximize Special Attack, if only to troll people rating your team.

Comments:Btw this is also a RMT!!! Magikarp is my only pokemon on my team XD and also... how do you put the picture of a magikarp on here T_T" Magikarp isn't the best pokemon obviously. I did this to earn points and to troll. Just wait and see what my next POTW is going to be! Hahaha.

POTW........ #1 OU Ferrothorn!

SC's: 1/2:Jonathan Auh
GC's: 1/2:Jonathan Auh

Well this this the first pokemon of the blog and is someone I love to use. His name is Ferrothorn and in my opinion is a better Forretress. Ferrothorn is the epitome of a mixed wall. Ferrothorn's ability to set up two of the top used Entry Hazards, Spikes and Stealth Rock, makes him a great support. He also has extremely good defensive typing giving him only two weaknesses to Fire and Fighting. His movepool is amazing for a support, as he sports a powerful STAB Gyro Ball and Power Whip combined with Leech Seed and can even support a team with Paralysis support from his unique move . But Ferrothorn's capability is not stopped at that. He can become an annoyance to a physical team with his ability Iron Barbs, which makes the target take 12.5% of their HP away. Combine that with the power of the Rocky Helmet, and Leech Seed stalling, he can easily take a pokemon down in about 3 turns. Ferrothorn can also sport a fairly good physical attacking moveset with only his two attack moves of Gyro Ball and Power Whip, which I'll explain later. Ferrothorn also acts an amazing rain teammate as it takes away his 4X Fire weakness bringing it down to 2X and can easily wall the Grass Types and Electric Types that Plaque Rain Teams. Overall Ferrothorn can play a variety of roles and can easily fit onto most teams, making him one of the most used pokemon in the OU metagame.


Name of Set: Thorn in the Bush!
-Spikes/Stealth Rock
-Leech Seed
-Gyro Ball/Protect/Thunder Wave
-Power Whip/Protect
Nature: Relaxed
Item: Leftovers/Shed Shell
EV's: 252 HP/208 Sp.Def/48Def.
IV's: 0 Speed

Easily the most standard sets most Ferrothorn will run. Spikes allows Ferrothorn to set up Entry Hazards which is one of its main roles, and is very good at doing that, considering his defensive capabilities. Spikes is the preferred choice, as 25% damage when anyone switches in as long as their not above the ground? Yes please! But if your team is in desperate need of a Stealth Rocker, you may opt for Stealth Rock. Leech Seed is used as the 2nd move because other than leftover recovery Ferrothorn will not last long without some sort of healing. Leech Seed fixes that up as it drains 12.5% of the opponents HP and giving it to you. It also allows for some very annoying stall wars, whereas if you have Leech Seed, you will most likely win. In the 3rd moveslot, there are 3 choices for you to use. Gyro Ball is preferred as considering Ferrothorn's abysmal speed, it will almost always result in 150 Base Power. Combined with STAB that is one powerful Gyro Ball! Protect is also a very appealing move as it allows you so stall pokemon with Leech Seed and Protect, and also allows you to scout. Protect also allows Ferrothorn to survive one more hit so If the Leech Seed recovery is high enough from the pokemon, it may make Ferrothorn able to survive another hit. Thunder Wave is your last good option, but is rarely used because it counters the Use of Gyro Ball, and it is hard to find a moveslot for it. But, Thunder Wave allows you to beat threats such as Infernape or other fast pokemon that may ruin your team. In the last moveslot, the move preferred is Power Whip as it allows you to beat down Water Types, and is another powerful STAB move. But once again Protect is very appealing due to the reasons stated above. A Relaxed Nature is preferred as it raises his defense and already lowers his abysmal speed to help make a powerful Gyro Ball, and a 0Speed IV is also preferred to make sure the the Gyro Ball is always at Full Power. The Ev's used are used because it maximizes his bulk on both sides of the spectrum. Ferrothorn is an amazing wall, so pick your moves and let it poke the enemy team with Spikes to your victory.

Name of Set: Choice Banded Thorn!
-Gyro Ball
-Power Whip
Nature: Brave
Item: Choice Band
EV's: 248 HP/252 Attack/8 Sp.Def
IV's: 0 Speed

The Choice Band Set may seem like a gimmick for Ferrothorn considering his defenses, but you are very wrong. Very Wrong. Ferrothorn's Base 94 Attack is nothing to scoff at, and combined with Choice Band and two powerful as crap moves, he can decimate teams. Gyro Ball easily fits onto this set as a 0 Speed IV and a speed lowering nature, allows Ferrothorn's Gyro Ball to always reach 150 Base Power, decimating most pokemon that don't resist it, or pokemon with high defense. Power Whip is the second move of choice, as STAB Power Whip coming of Ferrothorn is something very scary. Ferrothorn's Choice Banded Power Whip easily OHKO's Excadrill and can easily 2HKO many threats. Bulldoze even with its paltry Base power of 60 still allows it to beat common counters such as Magnezone. Now your last move of choice is not that important but, the best choice would probably be using Spikes, as even though being locked into Spikes is not really good, at least it can set up hazards. Explosion may be used too, as it can be a last resort move when your going to die, or if there's nothing else you can do to the opposing team. The Nature chosen was Brave because it highers his attack and lowers his speed for maximum Gyro Ball power and a 0 Speed IV is chosen to maximize power for Gyro Ball. The Item chosen was obvious as it is a Choice Band set. The EV's were chosen so he could still have some bulk while maximizing his Attack. HP investment is enough for the Choice Band Set, since even without investment with both his defenses, he's still very bulky. Overall he is a very powerful Choice Bander as his main advantage over most Choice Banders is his bulk.

Here Are some damage calculations (Stolen from Smogon) for the Choice Band Set. 

Gyro Ball (-1) vs. 0/0 Salamence: 77.9% - 91.8%
Gyro Ball vs. 4/0 Thundurus: 72% - 84.7%
Gyro Ball vs. 252/4 Deoxys-S: 115.5% - 136.2%
Gyro Ball vs. 252/184+ Gliscor: 58.8% - 69.5%

Power Whip vs. 4/0 Excadrill: 107.73% - 126.80%
Power Whip vs. 252/0 Conkeldurr: 65.2% - 76.8%
Power Whip vs. 192/64 Reuniclus: 73.6% - 86.8%
Power Whip vs. 252/252+ Reuniclus: 52.6% - 62.3%
Power Whip vs. 252/252+ Suicune: 83.7% - 98.5%
Power Whip vs. 252/252+ Hippowdon: 79% - 93.3%

Bulldoze vs. 4/0 Heatran: 69.1% - 81.5%
Bulldoze vs. 40/0 Magnezone: 70.1% - 83.8%
Explosion vs. 192/64 Zapdos: 80.8% - 95.1%

Here ends the first pokemon day, and I hope you enjoyed it!

A Tournament!!!!! Enter here!

Ok here we are..... our first tournament is here! There is only one issue, to check it out, go to our news page: Our news page...... If you read the news, it's time to decide and set up this tournament! Cast your vote here, saying whether or not we should hold the tournament via Pokemon Online, or in the actual games. Also, you can enter here! We must have at LEAST 4 people. So just leave a short comment below about what method we should hold the tournament, and if you want to enter or not. Also, the winner gets a special prize and the title of our champion! Thanks guys!

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Thanks so much guys.......

So recently, I notied that my site gets more than 5-10 views a day. That is actually spectacular guys.... Thanks so much for making the blog work, and I hope I can provide you with enough information! :D Ummm, not much to say, except that I'm a bit more busy, I can't make a lot more posts as I used to. But make sure to stop by every once in a while to check on the site! Btw, I also noticed, some of our to-be members had a problem with signing up for the site, if any thing ilke that happens, contact me. :) As a reward, I am rewarding all members 5 points, and an extension in rank! Once again, thanks guys, your great!

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First Video !

Hey Hey Hey! Our First video is UP! Check it out a RemixGamerFTW's youtube channel

Pokemon of the Week: HE HAS THE POWER.

So this week, I asked if you wanted to become an author, and we now have four authors for the site! Thanks for so much guys, we are also up to 11 followers! We are slowly growing.... YES. :) Anyways, here is the next POTW, who is always going to have a spot in OU. He is my favorite Pokemon. He is one of the two Pokemon in the game that can summon the sandstorm weather. Here he is, the mass murderer and cause of main destruction..... TYRANITAR.

Tyranitar, The Armor Pokémon. If it rampages, it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterward. Its body can't be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies. Extremely strong, it can change the landscape. It has an insolent nature that makes it not care about others.
Ohmahgawsh.... This is without doubt, my favorite Pokemon. Look at him roar. Omg. XD. Tyranitar is the only other Pokemon than Hipowdon to receive the ability Sand Stream in the game, which basically summons a free Sandstorm. Amazing. His bulk is immense with the sandstorm increase. His attack is gigantic, allowing him to OHKO many targets in the OU tier. He has a unique and fatal typing, making him very vulnerable but offensive. He peaked his potential in fourth generation, earning him a solid spot on the top of the OU tier list, but with the introduction of fifth generation, more fighting types have been used, making Tyranitar weaker. Now that Politoed and Ninetales have received the other weather abilities via Dreamworld, Tyranitar has to watch his back, and also has to be careful if used on a weather team. Despite all of this, Tyranitar still has a spot in OU, and he always will.

Sand Stream: Summons a sandstorm once the Pokemon enters the battle: AMAZING. Not to mention he gets an additional special defense boost, which increases his bulk.

Unnerve: Stops the opponent from using it's berry: WTF? This ability is kinda useless...... especially when you have something like Sand Stream.


Big Daddy Choice-Bander
-Stone Edge
-Fire Punch/Ice Punch
Ability: Sand Stream
Nature: Adamant
EV: 252 attack, 188 HP, 68 speed
Item: Choice Band

This is the best set out there. Choice Banded Tyranitar can cause enough mayhem, but is a suicidal tactic. Most teams carry counters to Tyranitar, such as fighting types. Tyranitar has such a beastly attack power and bulk, he can withstand a Politoed's Scald in Sandstorm AND rain. He can usually 2HKO and OHKO Politoed. These EV's allow you to underspeed Politoed, which allows you to win weather wars. You want max attack, and some HP investment. Adamant is for max power. Fire Punch is for murdering Scizor, Ferrothorn, Forretress, and Skarmory. Ice Punch is for decimating Gliscor and scum. Stone Edge and Earthquake are your two primary powerful attacks. Pursuit is for catching switchers, trying to get in a counter.

-Focus Punch
-Flamethrower/Ice Beam
Ability: Sand Stream
Nature: Quiet
EVs: 252 HP, 40 attack, 96 sp. attack, 52 sp. def, 68 speed.
Item: Leftovers

Classic third generation sub-boah set. In third generation, sub-boah sets were the domination of the competitive sets of battling. Substitute takes use of your huge HP and your bulk. Focus Punch can be used to kill steels and other rocks. Crunch is an obviously powerful STAB attack. Flamethrower can be used to decimate Scizor and other steel type scum. Ice Beam can once again be used to murder Gliscors. Leftovers makes you recover your HP every turn.

Tyranitar is actually very easy to take down if you have good prediction skill, and you know what kind of T-tar set the opponent is running. If the opponent is runnung Choice Banded T-Tar, you can easily take it out with Scizor's Superpower, Machamp's DynamicPunch, Conkeldurr's Mach Punch/Drain Punch, Infernape's Mach Punch/Close Combat, Lucario's Close Combat/Aura Sphere, and Scrafty's Drain Punch. If you don't have a fighting type, you probably won't be able to take down Tyranitar before it survives a hit and counters. Gyro Balls from Ferrothorn and Forretress, and Ferrothorn's Choice Banded Power Whip is also effective.

Thanks or reading the POTW, this week, and don't forget to recommend the site to others! If there are any mistakes or checks, feel free to comment below so we can fix it!


Hey Hey Hey :3 This is Cheesecake-kun here to tell you about the new channel i'm creating on youtube. You guys will be like *this is boring* well you're probably right :( RemixGamerFTW is going to be the channel where i post Remixes for games. I'll have help from friends on teh internet so be looking forward to our remixes!


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Pokemon BLANK Romhack In Progress

Yo. I'mma make a Romhack of Pokemon. Kthxbai.

Author Sign-ups????

If you want to be a author of the site please fill out the forms. You can write your RMTs, and write POTWs! An exclusive right! If you need more info, please check out the "Newest News" page in the top right corner of the site. Thanks for your cooperation!