Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's be happy for the slick Pokemon......

Great! The Pokemon Scrafty is now officially classed as OU! This is awesome, seeing as Scrafty is just a pure beast, with both it's sets, Moxie Dragon Dance, Shed Skin Bulk Up sets, and Intimidation Bulk Up sets! He was voted in recently, so we have our next POTW! If anyone wants to review him and write his POTW, that would be great! Here's some great starting points:

-Scrafty has 115 base defenses, allowing him to tank hits pretty well as he sets up.
-He has both the options of Dragon Dance sets and Bulk Up sets due to his fantastic overall bulk.
-He has a decent and workable base 90 attack, so you can't underestimate him.
-He has bad speed, but therefore workable in Trick Room, a well classed variant in Dragon Dance sets, and a Bulk Up tank.
-He gets three THREE amazing abilities....
>Shed Skin
 All three of the abilities have great uses on Scrafty:
>Shed Skin allows Scrafty to Rest and recover it's HP, and also avoid burn conditions, which would otherwise ruin it's sweeping capabilities. This also make Jellicents only a decent counter to Scrafty.
>Moxie will be seen most run on Dragon Dance sets, seeing as the main point is to avoid hits (which will be no problem due to his defenses) while outspeeding and outspeed, just after a single or two Dragon Dances.
> Although on most Pokemon like Scrafty, Intimidate would be a blessing. It's other two abilities are much better though, but Intimidate still has some uses. If you run a Bulk Up Scrafty, this ability would be also useful, just not as great as being able to avoid status conditions, and heal.

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