Saturday, September 10, 2011

POTW The most powerful ever is....

Hey Everyone! This is Cheesecake-kun posting his first ever POTW! This will be a moment you surely won't want to forget! PastryBomb! Your Ferrothorn POTW is good.... but not as good as my MAGIKARP ONE! Magikarp is a super OP pokemon from the OU tier.

Yup :D Magikarp! Magikarp is the most powerful pokemon ever. It's immense super awesome splashing abilities enables it to LEAP OVER MOUNTAINS! That's right. Can your pokemon use splash to leap over mountains? That's what i thought. You guys think that magikarp is the weakest pokemon ever right? Well I'm going to prove you wrong!

1. First off you can buy a MAGIKARP! for 500 poke dollars in B/W
2. You don't have to go searching for this pokemon day and night! It can be found EVERYWHERE!*in water*
3. It's so amazing that it can't even learn TM's!*Except shiny and Dream World*
4. Magikarp has it's own freaking video!

First off here's the move set.

Triple O + SGM
4 HP/252 atk./252 speed or 252 HP/252 atk./4 speed
Either way your going to pwn those noobs who use legendarys.

- Choice Scarf/ Focus Sash/ Choice Band / Life Orb / Leftovers / Air Balloon / Eject Button/ Stick
-Jolly or Adamant


Focus Sash is good for making Flail work, especially to lead with. The other items are only mentioned because they are all just about as useful overall.You could maximize HP at the expense of Speed or Attack to turn OHKOs into 99% chance for OHKOs. You also might as well maximize Special Attack, if only to troll people rating your team.

Comments:Btw this is also a RMT!!! Magikarp is my only pokemon on my team XD and also... how do you put the picture of a magikarp on here T_T" Magikarp isn't the best pokemon obviously. I did this to earn points and to troll. Just wait and see what my next POTW is going to be! Hahaha.


  1. ....... No points, read the author description...... no points for trolls and spammers

  2. :( But Magikarp is awesome :o Can you give me a point for a post instead of a POTW :)

  3. No Justin..... *sigh* You lied saying he is in OU anyways lol.....


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