Saturday, May 18, 2013

Been into LoL.

Hey guys. It's me, and I know site is dead. But I just want you to know, that our new site, (with a real domain) is I've really started to enjoy League of Legends as my new favorite game, and I think a lot of you guys will too. It would mean a lot to me if you joined it. Thanks guys, and for the last time on this site, I'm out!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pokemon Black/White 2!

So, the release of Pokemon White/Black 2 seems to be scheduled for this fall, so when good things come up, I'll be sure to release it on our own page for the topic. Just click Pokemon Black/White 2 release, or follow this link by clicking it! I'll also be sure to add my own walkthrough this time. (: Don't forget to subscribe, and I know it's been a while. I hope we can all stay in touch. (:


Monday, June 18, 2012

Pokemon Conquest Release!

So today marks the release of Pokemon Conquest (June 19). It seems like an alright game, and based off gameplay videos, it seems like it was meant to mimic Fire Emblem games, in the turn-by-turn battle phases. Predictions.... the game seems alright, but when the price drops, I'll be sure to pick up my own copy sooner or later.

Peas. ~homura101~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dead site?

Hey guys.... I know it's been a REALLY... long time since I updated this site..... and I don't even know if I enjoy the game anymore.... but I realize, I need to keep in check, and keep in touch with the game and you guys. (: So, as this year is slowly ending, I'm going to hold the "re-birth" of Pokemon101. Full and everything. Grand and all. Invite AS MANY people as you can, and email me @ for any ideas. Thanks guys, let's make this summer run. :D

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pokemon of the Week: Terrakion - Number 1 Bad***
You are ****ing crazy if you don't think that this thing does not look bad***.

Hey guys! Pastrybomb back here with another POTW, that is bound to help you become the pokemon master you dream to become. For this week, I'll be doing a POTW on of the most bad*** pokemon in existence. His name is Terrakion. Let's start shall we?

Overview:  Terrakion is a superb pokemon holding huge attack power and a very nice speed stat. His power to break through the toughest of walls allows him to stay high in the OU metagame, and his great base speed, is one of the best, out speeding base positive base 100's. Terrakion also brings to the table, two great STAB's in the form of Rock and fighting. These two types of STAB's create unresisted coverage against every pokemon except for certain pokemon such as Celebi. His STAB's are just so good, that he just needs those STAB moves to destroy all pokemon. This allows for some versatile sets, due to the fact he only needs 2 STAB moves. Terrakion also supports a very nice resistance to Stealth Rock, allowing him to switch in multiple times not crippling him too much. Terrakion is a huge threat in the OU metagame, and every team must make sure they have a check or counter Terrakion, or they will be destroyed. 

I've Got Bands/Scarves of Steel

Terrakion @ Choice Band/Choice Scarf
Trait: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

~ Close Combat
~ Stone Edge
~ X-Scissor
~ Sacred Sword/Quick Attack

This is quite arguably the best set that Terrakion can run. Sporting two of the best STAB's in the game, Terrakion is one of the best if not the best Choice Bander coupled with Great speed and power. Terrakion's Choice Band set is just so good, that the other moves on this set, are of limited use due to the sheer power and coverage that his STAB's gave. Choice Band Terrakion is a pretty self explanatory set, and all you have to do pretty much is to pick the right STAB move of choice. The 1st move, Close Combat is one of the strongest moves in the game. It allows him to tear apart even the mightiest of physical walls such a Skarmory. With Close Combat, even Skarmory is 2HKO'd. This just exemplifies the power of a Choice Banded Terrakion's Close Combat. The 2nd move on the set, Stone Edge is an inaccurate but one of the most powerful rock moves in the game. Rock slide is an option, but the sheer power of Stone edge is too hard to pass by. Stone Edge is a great move in Terrakion's arsenal, allowing him to destroy pesky flying types that resist close combat, and a great move overall despite accuracy issues. X-Scissor is the most likely option for the 3rd moveslot, allowing him to hit Psychic types a tiny bit harder that  Stone Edge, with the upside of also having 100% accuracy. It also allows you to finish off a weakened Celebi and other grass types who resist fighting. The 4th move isn't a huge deal, but it might help sometime when playing with Terrakion. Sacred Swords is a solid move for Terrakion in the 4th slot, sporting a nice base power of 90, but the big kick to this ability is the fact that it goes through opponents defense boosts. It also has the upside of not lowering your defenses, unlike close combat. The other move you could put in the 4th slot is Quick attack, which is the one that I most usually take than Sacred Swords. For example you could have 1 pokemon Terrakion at 50% against a Dragonite at 10% health. The Dragonite has 2 Dragon Dance Boosts, but an Extremespeed will not KO. However a Dragon Claw will, since it will outspeed you. But! Quick attack to the rescue, taking off that 10% of Dragonite's Health, and winning you the game. As you can see, Quick attack is a worthy option for Terrakion, but if you prefer having a reliable STAB move and the upside of not lowering your defenses, then be my guest and take Sacred Sword instead. A Jolly nature is preferred for this set allowing you to outspeed pesky Landorus and positive base 100's. You can use an adamant nature if you prefer more killing power, but you will go back to Jolly almost all the time, because you want the speed. A Choice Band is probably the best item choice for Terrakion, because the Sheer power of his moves are combined with Choice Band is just too good to pass up. A Choice Scarf is also a worthy option in the spot for Terrakion, allowing him to become an effective Revenge Killer. With Choice Scarf, he still deals a lot of damage, and can rip through weakened teams. EV's are pretty straight-forward providing him the maximum amount of damage and speed he has, and putting the last 4 EV's in to HP, to maybe withstand one more attack. Justified is a great ability for Terrakion, especially if you run a Choice Scarf set, because if you come into a dark move, your essentially running a +1  Speed Terrkian with +1 Attack. And that is very scary. It also goes well with a Choice Band set, which gives essentially a Free Swords Dance. One of the best partners to accompany Terrakion to his rise of destroying the opposition is Landorus, which allows him to take care of Gliscor with HP Ice, one of Terrakion's top counters. Landorus can also rip holes in the opposing team, or clean up Terrakion's destruction. Some other partners for Terrakion are Gyarados, which have great synergy with Terrakion, countering Scizor, taking water type attacks like nothing, Fighting attacks, and sporting an immunity to Ground. Latias also preforms a similar role, and can also bait dark moves to obtain the bonus attack for Justified. Counters to this set include Gliscor, whcih essentially walls Terrakion as long as it is healthy, resisting Close Combat and taking minimal damage from Stone Edge due to its immense physical bulk. Gliscor can then destroy Terrakion with a STAB Earhquake. Slowbro also functions a similar role resisting Close Combat, and tanking Stone Edge with immense physical bulk, and either KO'ing Terrakion with Scald or recovering the damage essentially stalling its PP. Priority Users, especially Scizor and Azumarill will shut down Terrakion's Killing spree, KO'ing him with their respective STAB moves. Golurk and Nidoqueen are also great counters, KO'ing him with a STAB Earthquake and resisting both his STAB moves. 

Double Dancing Through the Metagame

Terrakion @ Air Balloon/Life Orb
Trait: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
~ Close Combat
~ Stone Edge
~ Rock Polish
~ Swords Dance  

Terrakion, if you haven't gotten inside of your mind yet, is one of the most bad*** pokemon in existence. Obviously someone as bad*** as Terrakion must know a thing or two about dancing. Well. Let me tell you something. INDEED HE DOES. The Double Dance set just proves this. Probably one of the best set up sweepers in the game because of his ability to adapt to the opponents team. Got a speedy and frail team against Terrakion? Rock Polish on a switch. Proceed to kill. Got a super defensive team you're up against. Swords Dance on a switch. Proceed to kill. The possibilities to set up with Terrakion are enormous as he has a very nice resistances to fire, rock, and dark, some of the most commonly used move types in the metagame. However, in order for him to successfully execute a sweep, Terrakion needs to get rid of pesky priority users, such as Scizor or Azumarill. I will explain this more as we advance in our POTW. The Double Dance Set is only possible because of his amazing STAB's which provide perfect coverage to almost all pokemon, hitting them for neutral or super effective damage. Close Combat and Stone Edge are probably the moves you want, a swords Dance OHKO'ing Skarmory with a tiny bit of damage or SR. Tell me that's not amazing. Stone Edge is also a great compliment 2HKO'ing Gyarados with intimidate, or OHKO'ing it with a +1 atk Stone edge with SR. Terrakon is just so awesome, that it also knows Rock Polish and Swords Dance! These two moves compliment each other so well, all you have to do is pick the right one, and dominate the opposing team. Terrakon is an amazing set up sweeper, and when one has been perfectly set up, your team will go down. Now. In order for this set of Terrakion to sweep, there are one of two things that must be done. These two things must be done, get a bunch of spikes and SR on the field allowing him to KO everybody, and take away the counters to Terrakion, mainly bulky pokemon who can take a hit, and priority users that can KO. The first one, is a great asset to his sweeping capabilities, especially SR, allowing him to muscle through even the toughest walls in the metagame, including skarmory. Hippowdon is also KO'd with some Spikes and SR, which is awesome. The 2nd one though, is mandatory in order for him to successfully sweep. The main people you want to take out are Scizor and Gliscor, two of the most commonly used pokemon in the metagame. Thankfully, a bulky water type can take both of them on, such as Gyarados, or Slowbro, can pave the way so your Terrakion can sweep the enemy team. Terrakion is a powerful set up sweeper in the right hands, and can sweep the enemy teams at no notice even without boosts. This is so because Terrakion has just huge attack power and speed, that the boosts just empower him. A weakened team with no counter Terrakion is a dead team. I am telling you that from experience. Terrakion's partners and set up for EV's and nature are the same as the Choice Band or Choice Scarf set, but the items are different. Air Balloon is the preferred item providing you an immunity to one of your most gaping weaknesses, and allowing many more set up opportunities. Air Balloon can also be substituted for a Life Orb, if you prefer some immediate power to your attacks, and adding that extra oomph you need to finish off that last opponent. Both of them have downsides however, as Air Balloon is easily rid of through any attack, as long as it is not ground, making it only usable on switches or resistances. Life also has its downside, if you didn't know before, makes you lose 10% of your HP per attack. Stalling him out of Life orb if he has it, is a plausible startegy for pokemon such as Gliscor, who can OHKO it with Earthquake. Choose which one you prefer, as it will greatly affect your gameplay with Terrakion.

Well... This is the end of Terrakion's POTW, and I hoped you learned a thing or two about bad*** number 1 while reading this. This Pastrybomb. Out.              

Monday, March 5, 2012

In Need of Moderators...

As our site activity decreases, I realize the reason is the lack of Pokemon of the Week and posts on my behalf. So I will need some volunteer mods to be EXTREMELY active on the site with me. This means a POTW, every week, and I promise it (at least most of the time). So, please comment on our moderators page if you want to be a moderator.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


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