Pokemon Black/White 2 Info!

Kyurem Forms
Base Stats:
-HP: 125-
-Attack: 120-
-Defense: 90-
-Special Attack: 170-
-Special Defense: 100-
-Speed: 95- 
Base Stats:
-HP: 125-
-Attack: 170-
-Defense: 100-
-Special Attack: 120-
-Special Defense: 90-
-Speed: 95-
-Move differences from Normal Kyurem: Learns Fusion Bolt and Freeze Shock.- -Move differences from Normal Kyurem: Learns Fusion Flare and Ice Burn.-

Release Date Revealed; Pokemon Online Server Update
     The release of Pokemon Black/White 2 has been confirmed for October 7'th for North America. This day will also premiere the Dream Radar, which was mentioned in the article below, allowing users to transfer Pokemon they catch in reality (using the 3DS's camera feature), and transfer them into the actual game.
     The Pokemon Online Servers are updated to recognize the new Pokemon Black/White 2 forms, including  White Kyurem and Black Kyurem. The update is named "Black and White 2 + v2 Alpha." If you want to download Pokemon Online, follow this link here.
Extra Apps; Game-play Footage; Extra Game Info
     Nintendo Direct has shown us gameplay of the game Pokemon Black/White 2, and also told the public on their newest installment that it will be scheduled to be released this year in the fall. 
     It also revealed a spoiler on apps using the Nintendo 3DS capabilities (gyroscope and camera) to further enhance game-play within and outside the game. The 3DS app Pokedex 3D was a nice app that I even installed myself, allowing you to check moves, breeding moves, egg moves, and info on every single Unova region Pokemon. Another version will be released as a National Pokedex based app. The other places a Pokemon in your room and you try to capture it using the 3DS gyroscope feature. The cool thing is that it should be able to transfer into your actual game. 

     The game is set to take place in an entirely different time than the first game. It is supposed to take place in the future, and as you can see, obviously, the forms of Kyurem are different. Black Kyurem and White Kyurem are the "main events" of the game. Other forms include the altered forms of Landorus, Thunderus, and Tornadus. From the get-go, the game should have you battling all sorts of Pokemon, despite their original regions. This game is also the only Pokemon game(s) as a follow up directly after the other game(s).
     Be sure to keep up with this page, we'll update it as more info is released about the topic. Until next time,  

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