PokeShop 101!

Alright... this site has had some issues doing this in the past, but now I'm pleased to introduce something that will work! This is the PokeShop 101, and basically what you do is comment and earn points. Every point can be used to purchase something on the shop. I have these items beforehand, and in the method I'm about to show, you'll get the item you ordered. First of all, everytime you comment on a post you get a point. Flat. Next, whenever you get points, I register them for you. Then it'll show up on another page labeled: POINTS. Here's the link:
Click here to view the other page...
In order to buy certain items, you must register at a certain rank. To reach a certain rank, you need to have an amount of points. You can also earn points by battling on PO or in the actual game. One loss is worth one point, and winning a battle will result in two points. So good luck!
*On the elite four board, there can only be 4. The first registered Elite Four member is the most advanced, such as Lance or the last person you would face before the champion.*

NOVICE TRAINER (10 point upgrade)
1. Ultra Ball: 1 point
2. Any kind of Pokemon Ball: 2 points
3. Any kind of gem: 2 points
4. Exp. Share: 3 points
5. Berries: 3 points
6. EV Feathers: 1 point (4 feathers)

Gym Trainer (15 point upgrade)
1. Any stone: 4 points
2. EV boosting stuff: 1 point
3. Star Piece: 2 points
4. Type boosting items (Poison Barb, Mystic Water, Miracle Seed, etc.): 3 points

Gym Leader (20 points upgrade)
1. Any evolution related items: 3 points
2. Trading evolution: 1 point
3. Stat boosting items: 2 points
4. New items (Air Balloons, Rocky Helmets, etc.): 3 points

Elite Four (30 point upgrade)
1. Leftovers: 1 point
2. Any expensive items (Comet Shard, Nugget, etc.): 3 points
3. Flutes: 2 points
4. PP up: 2 points

Champion (50 point upgrade)
1. Any items from the Train Station (Choice Variants, Life Orb, etc.): 20 points

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