Rules for Authors!

There are certain rules for authors. Each author should know what he/she is actually TALKING ABOUT. :P If you are writing RMTs, the details are below. Random posts are allowed, but not too much flood. You must have permission from an admin to write a POTW for the site. POTW is similar to the RMTs. Also, you cannot earn points for your work if you spam or troll or post complete jokes.

Rate my Team
-You must write with completely correct grammar. These checks are called GCs (grammar checks). You must have two Grammar checks to have a passing RMT.
-You must write with correct data/info, and also a good sense and the text must be comprehendable. These are called QC's (quality check). You must have two for a passing RMT.
-Each team has six Pokemon.

Pokemon of the Week
-You must have permission from an admin to write a POTW.
- You must have two GCs.
-You must have two SCs.
-You are required to list abilities, tier, and your own statements/thoughts about the Pokemon.
- In addition to all of this, you must be able to back it up, almost like a detailed report. Counters to your presentment must be mentioned.

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