Sunday, September 25, 2011

Author Sign-Ups! Need ideas?!??!?!

So we have hit 17 followers recently, but we have no activity. Be sure to read posts, analyze and comment on them! Also.... if you want to become an author, please sign up here. The format is below. Also.... we need ideas for more posts! If you ever wanted anything on the site, please feel free to post! We need ideas for the site, such as POTW's and such! AUTHOR SIGNUP FORMAT: Name: Pokemon Online?: Experience: Why you?:


  1. Name: i don't play PO or it won't let me actually play it on this stupid mac.
    Experience: Downloading it 40 times and yet it doesn't accomplish much.

  2. You are already an author Justin, but thanks for trying to keep up this site's activity..... I will set up a PO tourney soon, hoping you can other people can enter it. I think you'll get some bonus points for trying so hard in this site dude.

  3. dark_blaziken101
    reason: cuz i want to be able to post and help u out with things and cuz u told me 2

  4. You will be added as an author soon, thanks for signing up also. XD


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