Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pokemon of the Week!!!!!! AGGRON!

The Iron Armor Pokemon:

Ummmmmmm…… one of the flaws that almost made me put a different Pokemon on my team, was the terrible typing Aggron received: Rock and steel, which might be the worse one yet. This means a lot of things, lots of resistances, but the weaknesses are fatal and deadly. Water type is common nowadays, and that is a weakness. Fighting types and ground types are the types to watch out for, especially since the two 4x damages are common on team sweepers and tanks. But Aggron has an amazing defense stat, and also an above average attack stat. Its other stats are low, and below average. But, what makes Aggron so dangerous is a new ability: Rock Head. This allows Aggron to use recoil moves without recoil. It’ll explain it later.

Ability: Rock Head: Receives no recoil from recoil moves.
Item: Leftovers
-Focus Punch
-Magnet Rise/Thunder Wave
-Head Smash
Ev: 120 HP, 252 attack, 132 speed, 6 special defense
Nature: Adamant

My favorite set of Aggron, because of a beastly attack: Head Smash. Now you’re thinking, “WOW. This guy’s insane, he’s choosing an Aggron with Head Smash?!?!?!? Amazing recoil!!!” BUT, Aggron receives a sick ability called Rock Head, which allows recoil moves to be free of their recoil, which now means you have a base power 225 attack (after STAB) with NO recoil. Yea. That’s what I thought. Amazing. Now, don’t think this is the only good thing in your set. With a reliable speed investment, now Aggron could outspeed the Skarmory going for Roost! This is extremely nice. With that many HP ev’s, Aggron could now abuse Substitute, which is another key in this set. Substituting and Focus Punching may be one of the most common combos, but it is powerful. After a secure sub, you could then go for a Magnet Rise, which now makes you Levitate, so now you lose one of your worst nightmares, ground moves. Or instead, you could set up a substitute by using Thunder Wave, and hoping for the Para-Hax, but I’d prefer forgetting about one of your greatest KO shots. Absolutely crazy, you just turned one of the worst Pokemon in UU into a Pokemon deserving of a spot in OU. :D


  1. well all of this only applies to aggrons with the rock head ability. If it has the sturdy ability the moveset would be much different. I think the sturdy ability is better, since most people have a fighting,water, and/or ground type. If u had the sturdy ability i would recommend having the moves thunder, magnet rise, metal burst, and aerial ace. that way u can beat water and fighting, and if u have sturdy and a water type would 1 hit u. U could use metal burst because deals a lot of damage since it almost killed you or u could use thunder. this way u could never faint in one move

  2. Ah. But Little man200, Rock head is what totally makes Aggron, Aggron. Without Rovk Head, is STAB Head smash would probably just kill him in about 2 turns due to recoil. (Sturdy does not survive from Recoil iirc)

    Though sturdy is a good ability, a built in focus sash, Rock Head is always better, since Without Head Smash and Rock Head, Aggron would probably be one of the least used pokemon in UU or would even be sent down to NU.

    Also. Your set is very how should I say his... it sucks. Thunder is a special and his base Special ttack is abyssmal. Aerial Ace is completely stupid, since he gets no STAB and a STAB Head Smash or pretty much any STAB move could easily defeat the base power that Aerial Ace brings to the table. Metal Yes it is very powerful due to you losing a lot of HP, but A water type or a fighting type easily resists the metal burst making the damage from Metal Burst negligible. Metal Sound. Are you nuts? Lowering a pokemon's special defense just so you could hit harder with what Thunder and his abyssmal special attack? You should have put Rock polish in that slot if you wer to use a set like that.

    And to close off my debate, Rock Head is ana amazing Ability for Aggron due to how many recoil moves Aggron has. I rest my case.

    Also. Hey Jonathan! Its Joshua!

  3. Now regarding the Aggron set. I would like to propose a set to the pokemon of the week Aggron, which is a rock polish set. The rock polish set is a total decimater, and can sweep whole teams as long as priority Fighting is gone. (Especially Vaccum Wave)

    Nature: Adamant/Jolly (Allows you to outspeed scarfed pokemon base 105 I think and below.)

    EV's: 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP

    Item: Life Orb/Leftovers (Life Orb if you want more power or leftovers if you want some more survivbility)

    Ability: Rock Head

    Rock Polish
    Head smash
    Ice Punch
    Fire Punch/Earthquake/Heavy Bomber

    Description: Aggron has the ability to utilize a Rock Polish set easily due to his powerful attacks and although not high but good enough speed base of 50 to utilize it well. Your first move is obviously Rock Polish, so you can outspeed everyone behind you, and also to outspeed key threats you could not KO before. Your second move is obviously Head smash, since Head smash is so uberly powerful thatanything that does not have super high defense or resists it. your 1st coverage move is Ice Punch as it allows you to kill dragons And the pesky Gliscor easily. (Ice Punch will not do a lot to a mono ground type though such as Hippowdon) Your last move is up to you, as Fire Punch allows you to hit steels hard such as Scizor or Forretress, or you can use Earthquake to hit Mono Steel types harder. Heavy Bomber is a good choice, as even without its DW ability Heavey Metal, it can still dent most fighting types well. You should use Life Orb as it gives you a bit more power, but if you want to play a more safer route, you can opt to choose leftovers. The power of this set is amazing and can demolish most teams with some entry Hazards.

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  5. Ok. Here we are:

    @ Dark Blazekin:
    ........ NO. Just no. As Pastry Bomb stated, Aggron needs Rock Head, in order in to acheive that AMAZING 225 base power attack without recoil. Without that, Aggron is pretty much a Golem with lower attack power and good defense, but not as great as Aggron with Rock Head. Aerial Ace? Are you serious? That has nothing and doesn't give you any coverage really. Metal Bomber is a great choice, but with Aggron's other moves, it kinda has to be put aside to consider these other options. Thunder..... I don't even need to explain, just look at Aggron *coughcough AMAZING* special attack. The built in Focus Sash (Sturdy) is useful for a one Pokemon KO against the lead, but other than that, something like Sawk that is choiced would have a better Reversal.

    @Pastry Bomb:
    Aha nice to see you again Joshua. Great criticism towards Dark Blazekin. -_- But thats not the point! Okay, the set you provided is fine with me, because that speed boost is needed with Aggron due to its below average speed. I would go with the Life Orb, because after the Rock Polish, Aggron is able to outspeed a lot of things, especially if it might be coming off a Baton Pass from Ninjask. The only thing you'd need to watch out for the Mach Punch of Conkeldurr, and the Vacuum Wave. Probably the three things you need to watch out for is a bulky ground type that could take the Ice Punch and survive and counter with an EQ. The other two are the priority moves of the fighting type. To avoid the ground type Earthquake counter, you could do a two things. 1) Learn Magnet Rise. 2) Hold the balloon that allows you to levitate, so you could switch in on an EQ safely and while they try to pop the balloon you could easily pull off a Rock Polish in the meantime. Smart!
    So Pastry Bomb receives TWO points for his moveset recommendation which passed. Dark Blazekin, this set has no meaning, so you need to brush up. You also receive ONE point.

  6. Well it really doesn't matter if you have a good moveset or the best moveset, it all matters in the game. You could easily lose if you have the best moveset to a guy who just exploits the weaknesses of tht pokemon. It's not just about the moves you also need to know how to adjust to situations,exploit weaknesses, and basically not over think everything. IT'S A GAME!!!!! no need to over think. It's for fun. Pick a moveset tht u like. You can pick a moveset that everyone says is the worst ever and beat a pokemon tht has a moveset tht everyone likes. Sure, some moves are a must have like for most powerful pokemon hyper beam, but you guys are just over thinking this way to much. Sure, most of my pokemon i didn't over think my moves, but i have a good team and i almost never lose except to shon. I think logically, like if it has a weakness u find a way to counter it. You guys are thinking statistical, like if it has better attack then sp.attack u use moves tht use its regular attack. It's all decided in the game. So don't start saying "you need to brush up" or thts im using it's low sp.atk instead of it's regular atk. Your moveset could lose everytime, who knows.

  7. Ummmm no little man 200. I've tried this moveset and personally it works very well. I did also try your moveset out and Aggron was 2HKO every time out of 10 games. Aggron has a terrible special attack, which affects the way Aggron uses Thunder in case you don't know. Hyper Beam is also one of the least used moves, due to its terrible side effect, the one turn loss. And some players of Pokemon play competetively, not for fun. Playing competetively is more fun anyways. And plus, I beat you using a terrible team once, and now that I've brushed up my team, I bet a sweep would be there for my team. For instance, that would be using Hyper Beam with Shuckle. Tell me if that would work Little_Man200. You do need to brush up and research your Pokemon better. You think I should write a guide for Pokemon to hep you? Then I would.

  8. i tried my aggron out and it wasn't that bad, not as good as i thought but it worked in some situations. And if u think i need to brush up and research more than just battle me and see who whens. See how trains better and picks moves better. Come on 6 on 6 battle. no legendaries.

  9. Ok then Kordell. Next week, what level. I'm up for this. A challenge is always what I'm up for. Just say the day but has to be next week, and if you want level one hundreds, so be it. One of your Pokemon must be the Aggron you talked about. It MUST be the exact same set. The other Pokemon are of choice.

  10. Aggron wouldn't be used in my team if i was utilizing BatonJask. My use of Aggron varies since i have 2 different Aggrons. One it's used as my tank. For ex: Blissey, commonly used on my team, is a tank containing 704 hp. My other Aggron is defense, which could also be counted as a tank if you think about it. I usually don't see Aggrons on wi-fi, which is both weird yet understandable. Aggron isn't my favorite pokemon to use but can be used effectively if used correctly * which i don't use correctly to tell ya the truth xD*

    Just to make a note* I don't think Magnet Rise should be a second pick at all as a move. Just stay with Thunder Wave. Although Magnet Rise does give you Levitation, it's useless if your opponent doesn't utilize ground-type moves. For ex: Earthquake, A VERY commonly used move which should be at least of your pokemon's movesets.
    Thunder Wave is more effective cause you get the 100% stun w/ the 50-50 chance of paralysis each turn which can set you up for you sweep.Especially since your running a BatonJask.

    Your combo of sub w/ jask * if you play sub like me* into baton into aggron leads you into thunder wave and then finishing it off with head smash and or focus punch* focus punch is recomended since you have sub on beacause of BatonJask.

    Thanks for reading this description by
    Cheesecake-kun AKA Justin :3 Enjoy AND I BETTER GET MY POINT!

  11. Ummm Justin, the POTW's don't have to be put on the same team. They are for different reasons. Plus if you come of the Baton Jask, you would have a full out ofensive set like:
    EV: Maxed attack, 120 HP, leftovers in speed Nature: Adamant
    -Focus Punch
    -Head Smash
    -EQ/Aqua Tail
    Exactly the same set as before with EQ on or Aqua Tail, becasue with max speed with Ninjask and maybe even a two stage attack boost, Aggron is deadly. I mean seriously. The only thing you would watch out for is basically Ferrothorn. You have an amazing base speed and pretty killer power. This is a winning set combo, a speed boosted Aggron from the Baton Pass.

  12. Now. Back to where the blog is.

    @Kordell: You sure you wanna challenge Jonathan? He's a good player. He's beaten many times on PO if you want to know.

    @Justin: If you plan to use any status move, your right. You should use Thunder wave. But! The slot used for Thunder Wave should rather be used for a coverage move such as Ice Punch to hit Dragons and one of the top counters, Gliscor. Also. Aggron is a terrible Tank to be honest, since he has pitiful HP, and even though his defenses are high his special defense is as terrible as Blissey's Defense. Any special attack will demolish him.

    @Jonthan: You should try to really stop adding SubPunch. Sorry jonathan but you can't fit Subpunch on every pokemon. SubPunching Blissey FTW! You should actually just go for coverage moves, since pokemon need to be hit hard. Especially walls. Also SubPunching is kinda hard considering his low speed. So I wouldn't reccomend it. Also. BatonJask has lots of possibilities such as Metagross or Lucario. So just don't put it in one pokemon such as Aggron.

    These are my two cents and if anyone cares. This is ~Josh

  13. usaully i don't add aggron to my team. It will kind of throw my team off, but the rest of my team should take him down. And btw im a really good player. Can lvl a pokemon up to 100 in like around 2 days if i try. I usually like faster pokemon with moderate attack better than huge tank pokemon with heavy attack. Since, i changed my aggrons moveset a few weeks ago i have to reteach some of the moves, and train it to 100. And any one else wanna battle me.

  14. Okay @Josh:
    Who said I was using sub punch on everything? I only use it on offensive tanks with high HP, or stallers or stuff like that. I'm don't really like it, but it works erally well on PO actually. Its worth a shot. Okay.... I think I'm going to close this discussion now guys..... Thanks for commentary


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