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Pokemon of the Week: Milotic!!!

Pokemon of the Week!
#350 Milotic
What's up, Pokemon 101 fans! This is my first ever POTW, so please bear with me.
Milotic, one of my personal favorites, is a Water type UU Pokemon that, in my opinion, should be used to wear opponents down due to its base 125 Sp. Def., 95 base HP, and the fact that it only has one type. Milotic is weak against Grass and Electric types, and with not so much of a variety of moves, should not be used against them (except in Gen V, when Milotic can use Bulldoze). However, Milotic can use moves such as Recover and Rain Dance, which also makes it a good team player.
Milotic has two abilities, Cute Charm, which can infatuate the opponent, and Marvel Scale, which boosts Def. while Burned, Poisoned, etc.
Physically Defensive:
Leftovers, Marvel Scale, Bold Nature
1st Move: Scald
2nd Move: Recover
3rd Move: Ice Beam/Hidden Power Grass
4th Move: Toxic/Haze/Dragon Tail
EVs: 252HP/248 Def./8 Speed
I believe that this is truly the best way to use a bulky Water type like Milotic. Leftovers, Marvel Scale, and Recover keep Milotic alive for almost forever, while Scald is the perfect Water move with a chance to burn. Hidden Power Grass will take away those pesky Electrics and Ice Beam will annihilate Grass users. Finally there's Toxic, which will make opponents continue to lose health, while there is almost no way to stop it, if you play with items.
Leftovers, Marvel Scale, Calm Nature
1st Move: Rest
2nd Move: Sleep Talk
3rd Move: Scald
4th Move: Dragon Tail
EVs: 252HP/192 Def./ 56 SpD/8 Speed
This moveset provides a way to deal consistent damage to any opponent. Rest, Leftovers, and Marvel Scale, again keep Milotic alive to deal out some damage. Dragon Tail will deal some damage and force your opponent to switch out (except for Pokemon like Octillery), allowing you to find out which Pokemon you should hit with that Scald.
Life Orb/Leftovers, Marvel Scale, Timid Nature
1st Move: Hydro Pump/Surf
2nd Move: Ice Beam
3rd Move: Hidden Power Grass/Hidden Power Electric
4th Move: Recover
EVs: 4HP/252 SpA/252 Speed
Using a Milotic in this way would be a bit of a gamble without EVs, because a Grass or Electric type could come along and blow you out of the water. However, if you do have these EVs, you would have a force to be reckoned with. Ice Beam takes out Grass types, and Hydro Pump and Surf deal real damage, but still, an Electric type could come along and KO Milotic with a Thunder.
In short, Milotic is a great Pokemon, if you know how to use it ;)
That's all for this POTW! (my 1st ever one) I'll see some of you guys in the Winter Cup!
P.S: Sorry if this is a little short, or if this comes out with no indents. Not my fault.

*2/2 QC
*2/2 GC


  1. :D Brendan! I LOVE YOU. Thanks so much for writing this one up, and I gotta say.... for your first ever POTW, this is really nice. I never knew you played competively. O.O Anyways, I hope you have fun in the Winter Cup, and great job with this POTW!

  2. Also, I forgot to post my thoughts lol. For the first set when you stated that items are almost the only way to cure poison, there are actually many ways. Lum Berry, Pecha Berry, Natural Cure, Shed Skin, and you know, blahblah. :) Also, as some people use a Milotic in rain, this is a drawback, since Thunder can EASILY counter Milotic, despite it's enormous defense stats.

    Jk. Jk.

    Milotic is a good pokemon in the UU environment providing a great bulky water there, and also being able to fit in an awesome F/W/G core. Some examples of this include, Roserade, Milotic, and Arcanine. Countering a nice protion of the UU metagame, and a fairly nice one in the OU Metagame as well. Now on to my thoughts.

    Scald is a bit overwhelming combined with Toxic on the first set, as Dragon Tail allows you to Phaze. Due to the sheer defensive prowes of this pokemon, Dragon Tail is a great move for Milotic providing a stop to set up sweepers, and racking up entry hazard. As a side note, you may want to put Toxic Spikes as a great partner to Milotiic, allowing to perhaps put Haze or Dragon Tail in the fourth slot. To add it in, I would just put in wherever you feel best, or right at the end of it. I would say, " Milotic greatly appreciates Toxic Spikes support because it allows her to free up a moveslot in the ourth, perhaps for a coverage move or some type of utility move. A great pokemon to compliment Milotic's typing would be roserade, providing Toxic spikes at the same time, a great combination." Just input a short partner to the set.

    For the Second set, I feel strongly that this should actually be the first set. Due to Marvel Scale, this set has amazing staying power, and can be a great phazer with a few pieces of luck. Sinec Milotic is a fairly speedy litlle bulky water, a set of Sleep Talk, Rest, Dragon Tail, and Roar can be used allowing a phazing move to be chosen at a 2/3 rate. While you are taunt bait, you should use this only as a hard core phazer. Overall, RestTalk Milotic is a great pokemon allowing it to stay in the battle for a very long time.

    As for the Third Set, this set does not need to be explained. The bigest boon over any other generic Special attacker, is its bulk, and Water Typing. This bulk and power is usually seen only with Rotom-W, or Choice Band Ferrothorn... (lol) But still, she's still a slow little fish, and thus needs all the speed she can get, so transfering some bulk over to speed would not be okay.

    Overall, a great POTW, and you forgot one crucial thing. THE NATURE.

    1. Sorry, Joshua, but I DID include the nature... It's next to the Item and Ability.

  4. Oh WOW. I didn't notice, since I didn't dig in deep to it. Nice review Joshua, I think I'll add another GC and QC.... Which MEANS.... THIS IS THE FIRST POKEMON OF THE WEEK to believe it or not.... lol. I agree that the second set is the best set. I've used it before, and with any entry hazards support, it can almost phaze similarly to a Skarmory. Anyways, GREAT JOB!


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