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Mhm........ NOT THE POTW?

So I wanted to do something else than JUST Pokemon of the Week, and to mix this up, I'm doing a newsletter! Sorry I didn't post last week, I was in San Fran, and I had a blast! Thanks for waiting, and enjoy this, please subscribe, and recommend the site to other Pokemon players! I am hoping to reach 10 followers by the end of summer, but it doesn't look good? Ha, please anyways, read and comment.

So what I'm doing is just showing basic combos or strategies in Pokemon, such as the Rain Dance or Drizzle/ Thunder combo. Here is the set up:

Combo: Rain Dance or Drizzle/Thunder
Effect: Increases the accuracy of Thunder to 100% when rain is up.
How to use it?: Since the arrival of a non-uber with the ability Drizzle, Politoed has skyrocketed to fame. With the ability Drizzle, it could start up rain that lasted for the whole match without the wasted moveslot or turn. With that being said, after Politoed is sent in, you could go to another great water-type, especially in rain, Starmie. Starmie gets great coverage with BoltBeamThrower, but now you can make it Thunder with a huge attack boost and 100% accuracy.

Combo: Defense Curl/Rollout
Effect: Deals double damage after a Defense Curl
How to use it?: Well this is an uncommon strategy which is never used in Competitive battling, but in your own game, I guess it could be mildly useful. What it is, is basically using Defense Curl first, then using Rollout to deal double damage on the first turn, quadruple on the second turn, eight times on the third time, etc.

Combo: ResTalk
Effect: Uses random attacks whilst you are asleep
How to use it?: ResTalking is a very simple combo, simply using the move Rest and Sleep Talk to your advantage. After you take a reasonable amount of damage, you might use rest. Then after that, using the move Sleep Talk, you could use random attacks in your remaining three moveslots. One of the best ResTalkers out there is Milotic, because of it's genius ability, Marvel Scale. So when Milotic is asleep, it gains a 1.5% defense boost, so not only when ResTalking you are offensive, but also take lots of defensive support. Then putting Dragon Tail on Milotic makes you a bulky phazer.

Combo: Belly Rest
Effect: Heals damage after losing half of your total HP
How to use it?: Well, one of the riskiest but ALSO dangerous attacks is Belly Drum. Sacrificing half of your total HP to gain a plus 6 attack boost. Now that is dangerous. Both ways, you could easily get knocked out, or easily get away with it. If you happen to get away with it, Rest will heal you up to full health, and whie holding a Chesto Berry, you wake up from sleeping status. Completely cool and all, but I barely use it even though it is an okay combo. Now, finding a good Belly Rester is easy. Charizard is a great one, Snorlax having decent bulk can pull it off, Hariyama is decent. But you don't always have to have a physical sweeper to pull this off. Any Pokemon with a decent attack can use this combo, but may not be able to get past phazers such as Skarmory.

Combo: Belly Psych
Effect: Passes on plus six attack power to an ally
How to use it?: This set is super clever. In a double battle, a Pokemon may use Belly Drum, and then a Pokemo slower than the first uses Psych Up, to receive a plus six attack boost...... seriously.... thats nice.

Combo: Endure or Focus Sash/ Endeavor, Flail, Reversal, Counter, etc.
Effect: Deals serious damage depending on move
How to use it?: A well known combo, better known as FEAR. A speedy Pokemon uses Endure to take a hit or holds a Focus Sash to take and survive a hit, then next turn outspeeds to counter with a selection of moves. Counter will deal twice the damage he dealt IF he used a physical move. Flail will deal damage  according to the remaining HP you have. Endeavor deals serious damage according to how low your HP is. Reversal is similar to Flail. However, this technique is easily stopped in it's tracks by priority moves.

Combo: Blizzard/ Hail
Effect: Blizzard's accuracy is raised to 100% in Hail
How to use it?: A simple combo similar to the Rain and Thunder combo. If you send out an Abamasnow, and you use Hail, you get 100% accuracy.

Combo: Hot weather or rainy weather/ Fire move or water move
Effect: Raises fire types move in hot weather or water type moves in rain by 1.5 power
How to use it?: Easy combo, and simple. If you send out a Politoed, and use Hydro Pump, it gets doubled power because of STAB but also the effect of weather. If you send out a Ninetales and use Fire Blast, it also gets doubled power because of not only STAB, but also the weather.

Combo: Baton Passing
Effect: Passes along any stat changes to a chosen Pokemon
How to use it?: Now I think this is one of the most useful combos. Baton Passing basically passes stat changes. For example, if you used Swords Dance three times on your Blaziken, and also received three stages of speed raised due to Speed Boost, then you have a powerful sweeper in front of you. Really. If you then used Baton Pass to offensive Salamence, you no longer have to Dragon Dance and go straight for the sweep. Another great Baton Passer is Gorebyss. If you amx out Gorebyss's defenses, you have a sole purpose Baton Passing tank. Iron Defenses, and Amnesia will max defense. Or you could use Shell Smash with a White Herb, so you get plus two speed, and both offenses. BEASTLY if you Baton Pass to MixMence....... absolutely disastrous. Or as you may call, the "King of Baton Passing", Ninjask is outclassed by other Baton Passers, but remains a threat without priority moves to counter. With access to Substitute (as many other Baton Passers also do) and Protect, you are free on the first turn to do whatever you want. Access to Swords Dance is also helpful. But the killer thing, is that Ninjask has the second highest speed in the metagame.... only outsped by Speed Deoxys. Thats hella fast man. Only priority can murder Ninjask. Protecting once gets you a boost. Setting up a sub gets you a stage of speed. Swords Dancing not only rasises your attack now, but also hands a stage of speed. KEWL. However.... it is easy to counter this. A Pursuit on his Baton Pass turn will kill you. Countering Baton Passing is actually really easy though. It is an easily predictable technique that can be seen from a mile away. Just stop them cold by using Taunt.

Thank you for subscribing everyone! Don't forget to recommend the site! If you have any more combos, be sure to comment for  a point and an extra for an excepted combo! Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. First off, there are 3 True Combos in B/W.
    True Combos only work in Double & Triple battles btw
    First True Combo.
    Grass Oath + Fire Oath.
    By using Fire Oath right after Grass oath,this causes fire to rain down on the field casuing damage each turn.

    Second True Combo.
    Fire Oath + Water Oath.
    By using Water Oath right after Fire Oath, this creates a rainbow that increases the likehood of any secondary effect that will occur in a pokemon's moves.

    Third and Final True Combo.
    Water Oath + Grass Oath.
    By using Grass Oath right after Water Oath, this creates a swampy-like arena which lowers the speed of your opponents pokemon.

    Now that we got the True Combos down, it's time to introduce (*some*) simple combos.

    Mean Look + Perish Song

    Strategy: Mean Look first, then use Perish Song. If you can survive until the turn before both Pokémon faint, then switch.

    Mimic + Imprision

    Strategy: Mimic whichever move you want to ban the other Pokémon from using, then Imprison it.

    Rain Dance + Gale

    Strategy: Rain Dance first, then use Gale for 100% accuracy.

    Rest + Snore

    Strategy: Rest first, then Snore for damage. Not much to say here.

    Subsitute + Flail/Reversal

    Strategy: Subsitute 4 times with your opponent knocking out each of them, then use Flail/Reversal for big damage. Works better on faster Pokémon.

    Substitute + Focus Punch

    Strategy: Subsitute first, then next turn your opposing Pokémon won't be able to directly hit you. That means that you can pull off a Focus Punch even if your opponent attacks you and hits, because the subsitute will take the hit. This works best if your Pokémon is slower than the opponents.

    Toxic + Protect/Detect

    Strategy: Toxic first, then just keep using Protect or Detect. Not much else to say here.

    Flatter + Psych Up

    Strategy: Use Flatter, then Psych up to copy the upped special attack stat change and not the confusion status.

    Lock On + Zap Cannon

    Strategy: Using Lock On will ensure that Zap Cannon hits, which has a 50% chance of hitting normally. Zap Cannon also gives an added paralyzing bonus.

    Mind Reader + Sheer Cold

    Strategy: Using Mind Reader first ensures that Sheer Cold hits with an OHKO.

    Cross Flame/Thunder + Cross Thunder/Flame

    Strategy: If the target used the other Cross move, then the power of your move increases.

    Endure + Reversal/Flail

    Strategy: When you believe that your opponent is about to strike a final blow on you, use Endure so you'll survive with 1 HP. Then use Reversal/Flail for heavy hits. Works better on faster Pokémon.

    I could say more but i won't. Now good day to you sir ._.


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