Monday, August 29, 2011

Pokemon of the Week: WHAT?!?!?!

I'm a little late with the Pokemon of the Week, but there's been a lot of news this week. Check out the news button on the top of the site for more info. Here's our Pokemon of the Week, he's one of the legendary Regis, but all of them overshadowed, and outcasts in NU, RU, and UU. Here he is, Regirock.
Regirock, the rock type Regi...
Regirock has always been one of my favorite Pokemon. He does have a nice design, and a boss face. However, in terms of battling, he has the worst defensive typing. Rock type is the absolutely worst defensive typing, seeing as he is weak to the common fighting type, Ferrothorn, other steel types, Earthquake users, and Breloom. Seeing as he is in RU ( I think?), I don't really agree with that. I personally think he should be at least UU. He has great bulk in Sandstorm, and a decent attack stat. He has potential as a Sub-Boah tanking machine.

-Clear Body: A decent ability, it allows you to be immune to any stat drops.
-Sturdy: Almost completely wasted on Regirock, seeing as he such great bulk, he is never going to be OHKO'd.


Sub-Boah Cursing Rock
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Careful
EV'S: 252 HP, 252 special defense
-Focus Punch
-Stone Edge

Set comments: This is my favorite set. Regirock has such beastly defenses, you don't want him getting stat drops, so Clear Body is a smart choice. Leftovers and max HP is to make him bulky all around, and to keep his bulk. His defense EV's are already high, so you would want to run Sandstorm with the special defense spread. Curse is a nice move making you much more bulky and powerful while giving up a stat you don't need. Substitute is an obvious choice, to tank hits on switches. Focus Punch is for Steel Types while inside a substitute. Stone Edge is a very powerful STAB which is the main attack move on the set.

Countering Regirock:
Without a Substitute and Sandstorm, Regirock is purely defenseless and hopeless. To counter him, you'd use a different weather team. He has a lot of bulk. Heatran and Scizor are both very great counters, but if you are switching in, and Regirock gets a sub up, Heatran is gone, and Scizor can be 2HKO'd. Magnezone is a decent counter, but has the same fears as Heatran while switching in. Skarmory, Swampert, and other great phazers are complete counters to Regirock.

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