Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pokemon of the Week! The Almighty............

Well, it's not a week yet, but I couldn't wait for this next POTW........ so this Pokemon is a Bug/Rock type, giving it average resistances, only having three weaknesses, but actually one very popular one: water, steel, and rock. He has the highest defense and special defense stats in the entire metagame making it the ultimate tank. He has the worst attack and special attack stat in the entire metagame. He has one of the worst speeds ever, and he is forever banished to UU. Here is our eight Pokemon of the Week, Shuckle.

He's a champ!
OVERVIEW: Shuckle was introduced in second gen, coming off with defenses that no other Pokemon could compare to.... and still today, he remains at the top of the defensive tank chain. No other Pokemon can take hits better than a Sandstorm Shuckle, let alone a normal Shuckle. In a Sandstorm, Shuckle receives a special defense increase, allowing less damage from a Scald. Shuckle either works for you though, or it doesn't. It's that simple. But with many more bulky fighting types and stat boosting water types, Shuckle struggles in UU today. But if used correctly, Shuckle can stop teams cold, and win you battles.

Sturdy: Cannot be hit with OHKO moves or be OHKO'd with full HP: Shuckle's best ability, allowing him to stall ability.
Gluttony: Uses berries earlier than normal use: completely useless on Shuckle.
Contrary: Lowers stats when stats should be raised, and raises stats when stats should be lowered: well, this ability is amazing and at first you would think this is a great ability completely wasted on the worst offensive Pokemon, Shuckle. BUT, if you thnk about it, if someone uses Psychic on Shuckle, and they are lucky and get the special defense decrease, in fact, they are increasing your already godly defenses.


Hurrhurr, touch this Shuckle now!
Ability: Contrary
-Knock Off
EV's: 252 HP, 248 defense, 8 special attack
Nature: Impish
Item: Leftovers

Aight, let's crack this bad boy down. Contrary is for making hax or the opponent your hax. Definitely nice. Since nearly nothing can OHKO a Shuckle, you won't need Sturdy. Toxic is an obvious choice. Knock Off can stop Pokemon from healing back with Leftovers. Rest is your only way of healing, and is absolutely amazing with Encore. You can Rest up, recovering all of your HP, then as the other person gets greedy and tries to set up, you can easily Encore him, forcing him to switch out. This set is purely amazing. You'll want maxed HP to make you more bulky, nearly maxed defense, and eight EV's for special defense. You'll want more defense, so choose impish. This set is made for running in a Sandstorm, so if you aren't running in a Sandstorm, you'll need max special defense and max HP instead.

Countering Shuckle:
Shuckle has three weaknesses: Steel, water, and rock. Water type is now popular, since Politoed has it's Dream World ability, Drizzle. A good Hydro Pump with Drizzle up should OHKO, but if the Shuckle has more special defensive bulk, it would be a 2HKO. Choice Banded Scizor with max attack and Adamant nature should OHKO with a powerful Bullet Punch. Setting up Stealth Rocks will absolutely murder and cripple Shuckle's ability to wall. Poison Heal Gliscor absolutely counter-walls Shuckle. You can't Toxic, Knock Off is useless, and the only way to stop it if it has Swords Dance. But in the end, Shuckle is a great wall, countering almost every Pokemon in the metagame.

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  1. Ahem.... TRICK ROOM~! A shiny shuckle with trick room was common in D/P wifi-battles.

    Trick Room and Power Trick w/ability Contrary is just god-like. Each time you get a stat down, your actually getting a stat up XD And since Shuckle's sp. def and def. are pretty much god-like, the use of power trick put's that god-like defense into GOD-LIKE OFFENSE!!! And Trick Room ensures you go first since your the slowest pokemon :l

    PInGAs WTF?! CANNON Shuckle God!

    Ablity- Contrary
    -Trick Room
    -Power Trick
    -Gyro Ball
    -Stone Edge
    Item: Leftovers
    EV's: 100 HP/252 Defense/156 Sp. Defense


  2. Aha LOL Justin, calm down! Shuckle was popular in the DP UU tier, but now he's faded. There's one glitch with your set, and it's that Power Trick Shuckle is so easy to KO. All someone needs to do is send out Scizor, and easily BP with ease. In fact, any priority move should do it, because Shuckle's defenses should be around 50-60. Thats REALLY terrible.... Your set is nice, but if you are indeed running this set, I suggest you give up one of the attacking moves and opt for max defenses and the leftovers in HP. First opt Encore over one of the other moves, probably Gyro Ball. The nature should be increasing defense, so in Power Trick, Shuckle can get a higher attack stat. Next, here's what you'll do. As the opponent tries to set up or something, you have to Encore him. It's the only way to make this work, or otherwise i you Encore him while he's attacking, when you use Power Trick you won't have a chance. Encore his set up, Power Trick, then Trick Room. If he doesn't have priority, this Shuckle can probably sweep the majority of a team. But I don't think an offensive Shuckle is as good as the walling Shuckle. Sorry :P

  3. Shuckle... Really? Shuckle may be an awesome wall, his stalling capabilities leave much to be desired. He'll be KO'ed by most powerful attacks, like you CB Scizor Bullet Punch. Also. Shuckle has no recovery other than rest, which is terrible, because any good pokemon battler would know to set up on it, and then knowing it would wake up the next turn, would cleverly attack it. Sorry if I'm being too harsh Jonathan... Also. You should put as one of the counters. THE ALMIGHTY TAUNT. TAUNT IS THE GAYEST MOVE IF USED ON SHUCKLE. HE WILL STRUGGLE AND STRUGGLE UNTIL TAUNT ENDS. Or you could switch out. But. Yeah. Taunt is his worst enemy. Anyways. I'm back Jonathan!

  4. Ah Joshua, nice to YOU again! Ok, first of all, I've been using this Shuckle in PO for a week, and I've only lost about 5 battles. O.O Seriuosly, Shuckle wins you stuff. True a Scizor's BP 2HKO's but if Shuckle DOES see a Scizor, you have to guess is it a Swords Dance Scizor or is it Choiced? BP is obvious if it is choiced. So while you're dying use a simple Knock Off to lower Scizor's sweeping capabilities. You could also Encore him and switch out to Heatran. And btw, go to the Xat. And yes, Taunt is gay. :P


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