Monday, August 8, 2011

Pokemon of the Week!

Alakazam, The Psi Pokémon. The spoons clutched in its hands are said to have been created by its psychic powers.Its brain cells multiply continually until it dies. As a result, it remembers everything. Closing both its eyes heightens all its other senses. This enables it to use its abilities to their extremes. Its superb memory lets it recall everything it has experienced from birth. Its IQ exceeds 5,000.

Alakazam was a boss in first generation. Nearly nothing could stop the psychic machine, and it was one of the best special attacker in all of the metagame. Although his defense were very poor, it didn't matter because of his amazing speed. With the introduction of the steel and dark types, Alakazam received some nightmares, but still remained an alright sweeper. In third generation and fourth, everything changed for Alakazam. Although he is sometimes seen along the borderline of UU and OU, he is a tough cookie. In fourth gen, many terrible counters to Alakazam's power suddenly emerged, and Alakazam was put into UU tier. Alakazam's only great defense against them was the introductionof the TM and almighty move, Focus Blast. Now, as fifth gen arrived, he received one of the best abilities of all time: Magic Guard. Now he could switch into Stealth Rocks freely, take Spikes freely, take any status he wants and not receive damage, last in bad weather, and even stop Life Orb recoil. He is now outclassed by Espeon though.

Synchronize: Can bounce statuses back to the foe.
Inner Focus: Prevents flinching.
Magic Guard: Prevents damage from anything but attacks.

-Focus Blast
-Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball
Nature: Modest
EV's: 252 sp. attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
Item: Life Orb

This is the new nightmare of Zam. Already having a killer speed and a besatly special attack, what you'll want to do here is avoid getting hit by anything, because if the attack connects, you'll be foxmeat. Psychic is just pure amazing with  100% accuracy and 200 power after STAB and Life Orb. Focus Blast is to take out pesky steel switch ins such as Ferrothorn and Scizor. Energy Ball can hit bulky waters such as Swampert. Shadow Ball is for murdering ghost switch ins to deal with Alakazam, such as Eviolite Dusclops (2HKO), and Gengar. You'll run all out offensive Zam here, so max special attack and speed is what you'll want. Life Orb is epic with no recoil, and Sandstorms can no longer hurt Alakazam. Your nature will either be this for pure offensive, or you can add speed for the Timid Nature.

Anti-lead Lead Zam:
-Focus Blast
Nature: Timid
EV's: 252 special attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
Item: Focus Sash

In this set, you are using Alakazam as a powerful lead, but not a sweeper. Taunt/Encore combo is stupidly crushing. Taunt the entry hazard, then encore him, forcing to Struggle or switch. Psychic is amazing yadayadayada, and Focus Blast is for taking out steel switch ins. You would probably opt for more speed this time, seeing as you want to outspeed most of the un-scarfed metagame, but the EV investment stays the same. You'll want a Focus Sash because it can't be wasted seeing as you can't be hit by entry hazards or weather conditions, and people usually kill Zam in one hit.
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