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Anti Lead, Pokemon of the Week, MACHAMP!!!

Overview: Machamp was alright in all the gens up to generation 4. Oh, my god. The introduction of the ability No Guard, was the call uf duty for Machamp. It brought Machamp up to OU environment because it could now hit with a STAB DynamicPunch that could annhialate anything in the match except for Ghost-Types, and the fact that Stone Edge would always hit was so reassuring you could sit easy on predictions! The four arms make it look like a champ, hence the name! I mean, just look at those arms!  I'd hate to be Hitmonchan! Sadly though, Machamp's reign as one of the best and powerful fighting-types ended slowly, as the introduction of Conkeldurr and Terrakion came in, but Machamp's ability to confuse opponents with a 150 base power attack and a perfectly accurate Stone Edge still remains unbeaten, only challenged by Golurk. Machamp is still a perfect lead, seeing as it can take down many popular leads in OU, so Machamp is still amazing, with it's monster attack, and decent defenses, but terrible speed. 

Machamp, the Superpower Pokemon.
-Guts: Raises attack power up to 1.5% when under a status condition. Its okay and would usually be picked, but not in this case.
-No Guard: Ensures all attack on the field will hit. This is the ability that  makes Machamp lethal, the ability to hit with any attack and never miss, absolutely amazing. Especially considering a 150 base power STAB DynamicPunch that inflicts confusion?  YES PLEASE!
-Steadfast: Raises speed everytime the user flinches. Um this ability is pretty useless, seeing as Machamp has such a low speed in the first place. Yea, No Guard is definitely the one that wins this.


MaCHAMP in the house (lead):

-Ice Punch/Stone Edge
-Bullet Punch/Substitute
Item: Lum Berry
EV: 252 attack, 252 HP, 4 speed
Naure: Adamant

This set allows Machamp to be used to full greatness. As a lead, you would not want to face something so threatening like Machamp in the start of a match. Machamp demolishes almost every lead with the coverage it offers, and the confusion add on of DynamicPunch. Stone Edge allows you coverage over flying-types, Ninetales, other fire types, and bug types. Payback works perfectly with Machamp's terrible speed and against Gengar, and Bullet Punch is absolutely amazing, being able to take down Focus Sashers such as Aerodactyl after a simple Stone Edge or DynamicPunch. Substitute is absolutely heartbreaking, with a Lum Berry and nice defenses. Being a Lum Berry lead helps so much, taking care of Gengar's Hypnosis, Whimsicott's Prankster ability, and Breloom's Spore. Your attack is absolutely beastly in this set, and allows great coverage.

Countering Machamp:
Knowing Machamp is extremely easy to outspeed, you have quite a few tactics to defeat Machamp, but it is a bit of a problem, because if running this set, Machamp has a high HP with decent defenses. A Flight Gem Archeops works with Acrobatics, which is a great combo, but Machamp can live a Psychic from Espeon. Mhm. Impressive. If you switch on the first turn and Machamp carries Substitute, you are in big trouble. After a Substitute, Machamp is a tough Pokemon to get past, and usually will force a sacrifice of at least one Pokemon in order to defeat Machamp. Machamp already let alone has good defenses, and after a sub, no status can be inflicted. Taunters have no use for now, and Machamp can ease off the predictions, spamming a powerful DynamicPunch every time, and confusing your Pokemon a lot. Machamp is a tough Pokemon and is pretty cool.
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  1. Hmmm.. To tell you the truth i've never actually used machamp in my life ._. But if i were to ever use one this is how it would go. This machamp is meant for D/P not for B/W.

    This would be called a Attacking Lead.

    Machamp is perhaps the most frustrating Pokemon to face in all of DPP OU. His unique ability, No Guard, a gigantic base 130 Attack stat, and a 100% accurate DynamicPunch ensure Machamp's position among the best of the tier. A perfectly accurate Stone Edge alongside Payback and the elemental punches rounds out Machamp's type coverage and make him a force to be reckoned with.However, even with all of his strengths he only has such little defense. He can't be OHKO but he can be 2HKO'd by pretty much every offensive pokemon in D/P * w/ a neutral STAB attack*.

    Item- Lum Berry
    Ability- No Guard
    Nature- Adamant

    -Dynamic Punch
    -Bullet Punch
    -Ice Punch/Stone Edge
    EV's 240 HP/ 248 Atk/ 16 Special D./ 4 Speed

    Though there are many other Machamp builds like Sub+3attacks and RestTalk, i prefer Attacking Lead in mah opinion.

    Hope you like this :D Enjoy! Cheesecake-kun

  2. It seems like i actually have used a Machamp in my life because as i was searching through my D/P when i happened to cross over a Machamp. O.o weird huh. Sorry for the mistake. Don't count this comment as a point. Thank You.

  3. As noted, I will probably put priority over Stone Edge with Ice Punch because Ice Punch annhialates Gliscor leads, still causing enough damage to 2HKO Aerodactyl leads with Ice Punch followed up by Bullet Punch, and dragon leads. Not to mention Roserade and other popular leads.

  4. If i post another build... do i get a point?


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