Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gliscor!!! Pokemon of the Week!!

 Opinion: Okay, this Poke is in the OU tier. It is a perfect wall, made for stalling and subbing! Introduced in 4’th gen, Gliscor had little competition as a wall. It has only two weaknesses, but one of them is Ice type, which could deal serious damage with its 4x damage. The other weakness is water type, and Gliscor had little problems with it. Its pre evolution (Gligar) was a popular choice in the UU environment in 3’rd generation, but in 4’th generation with the introduction of a better balanced wall, Gliscor earned it’s spot in the OU environment. In 5’th generation, Gliscor had reached an amazing ability via Dream World: Poison Heal. This unique ability allowed Gliscor better healing methods than Leftovers, which in total made Gliscor an absolutely powerful wall.

Substitute Gliscor:
 Ability: Poison Heal: Heals an eight of the Pokémon’s HP when the Pokémon has a poisoned condition.
Item: Toxic Orb
-Substitute/ Swords Dance/ Facade?
- Taunt
Ev: 184 HP, 252 Attack, 72 Speed
Nature: Jolly, Adamant

I would prefer this set over most sets because of the wall Gliscor, with a perfectly great reason to be favored. Substitute allows you to use a fourth of your HP to scout the team while taking damage. Earthquake is a base power 150 move after STAB, and Toxic is great after a substitute is up, so it can allow you a free turn. The reason substitute Gliscor is so effective is because of its ability Poison Heal and you holding the Toxic Orb. This allows you to restore the damage taken for Substitutes in just two turns. It allows extra stall time, which is always cool. Taunt would allow the three Pokemon no set up, which is also even more useful. Toxic combined with Substitute is a good stalling combo, but not to mention the killer ability Poison Heal, you can stall the opponent for definitely four turns AT LEAST. I wouldn't really put Facade on this set, because Facade isn't the best move to go along with the other moves if you run into Heatran.  This is all why Gliscor was chosen to be on my team. 


  1. okay so i get why u put substitute, earthquake, and toxic. But taunt, really. Taunt just makes the opponent use attack moves for 3 turns. Instead i would teach it venoshock, because the attack is doubled if used on an opponent tht is already poisoned. Most of the time pokemon attack,so whats the point of taunt. The usage of taunt tht is used by serebii is "The target is taunted into a rage that allows it to use only attack moves for three turns." Taunt isn't useless in this case, but there are better moves to use than it.

  2. Okay you have a point Kordell, but I can explain. In the game plot, Taunt is a pretty useless move right? It completely SUCKS. Plain out. But if you have ever tried wi fi battling, EVERYONE uses Stealth Rocks. It is a must on a team. On wifi battles, people switch out A LOT. On the scout from U-Turn, you can easily taunt people from setting up with the infamous Volcarona and it's Quiver Dance, Skarmory's dreaded set up tactics with Stealth Rocks, Toxic Spikes, and Spikes, and the same for Forretress, and the new great wall, Ferrothorn. These Pokemon in Wifi battling (most of which are in OU) are just there for setting up entry hazards, which could just win the battle. Well, except Volcarona... Entry hazards are something every team should have, especially stealth rocks. But taunt allows you to stop the opponent to set up, which is HUGE!! If you've ever battled Joshua, omg. Get outta here entry hazards. You need a taunt for sure. Here's a scenario:

    Enemy: Skarmory:
    -Brave Bird
    -Stealth Rocks
    -Toxic Spikes/Whirlwind

    You: Gliscor:

    Okay, so you know Skarmory's main purpose is to set up entry hazards and Whilrwind opponents to deal poison status and damage. But if you use taunt, the main reason Skarmory is there is to set up. Uh oh. O.o . We have a problem. So if he switches out to the infamous Skarm-Bliss combo, then you could go for another Taunt, which is annoying, then set up the toxic. If he goes back to Skarmory, predict the switch and go fort he taunt. He might just go for a brave bird, or he would play the game again. With good prediction skills, you could annoy him to death. Now as soon as you think the Brave Bird is coming, you can switch to something like Chandelure with Shadow Tag and go straight for the kill. I think Chandelure is banned, not sure, hmm. Anyways, this is why taunt is massive in battles. No entry hazards or setups? Please sign me up!!!! Oh and Kordell, what would happen if there was a Skarmory against your set of Gliscor? I'm just wondering?

  3. Jonathan raises a really good point Kordell. If you have ever played competitively, you would know that taunt is almost a must on most fast bulky walls. It allows you to defeat phazers such as Skarmory and also allows you to defeat set up pokemon. taunt also allows you to stop Ferrothorn and Forretress stop from setting up all entry hazards against you. So your set is not that good. ALSO. VENOSHOCK IS AN F'ING SPECIAL MOVE. HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT HIS SPECIAL ATTACK? IT'S ABYSSMAL. NEVER USE A SPECIAL MOVE ON GLISCOR. That would just be a sucky gimmick. Also. Entry Hazards also screwed Jonthan over easily. ;) You could also carry a Rapid spinner, but that takes a slot up for one pokemon.

    *Ahem* Now that my rant is over, on to the set. Your set is good Jonathan, but I would suggest you slash Swords Dance before Substitute. I would suggest that because Gliscor is a fairly good Defensive Pivot, but is better used as a Bulky Sweeper. I would also suggest that if you were to use Swords Dance, you would replace Toxic with Ice fang. This allows you to hit opposing Gliscor and Dragons for super effective damage. I imagine the set looking like this.

    move 1: Swords Dance
    move 2: Earthquake
    move 3: Ice Fang
    move 4: Taunt
    item: Toxic Orb
    ability: Poison Heal
    nature: Impish
    evs: 252 HP / 184 Def / 72 Spe

    This allows Gliscor to become an amazing stallbreaker and sweeper at the same time. Taunt is used to stop phazers, spikers, etc. while the two coverge moves Earthqake and Ice Fang are used so he can hit most pokemon for neutral or super effective coverage. The speed EV's allows Gliscor to outpace Max Speed Tyranitar and Adamant Breloom, so your always safe from Spore. He is given Max HP Ev's because he's a tank and 184 Defense EV's to maximize his walling potential. With this set you can easily set up on pokemon such as Skarmory while they switch out and proceed to sweep their team, or break their stall process through the use of Taunt. One of his hardest counters is Bronzong, since it resists both his coverage moves easily and can easily 2HKO back with Hidden Power Ice. Another one of the counters to this set are fast and powerful Special attckers such as Latios and Latias etc, and easily dismantle him with powerful Draco Meteors. Thankfully the latter is easily broken down by Tyranitar due to a powerful STAB Pursuit and high Special defense with Sandstorm. Heck. My tyranitar took only 100 damage from a Draco Meteor from Latios's Draco Meteor. That just shows how bulky Tyranitar is. Sandstorm also comes in the form of Tyranitar, which allows Gliscor to whittle down some counters into KO range. Rotom-W is also one of the most prominent counters to Gliscor with its powerful STAB Hydro Pump, easily OHKOing it. Also, Slowbro can easily take a boosted Earthquake and retaliate and OHKO with Ice Beam or Scald. Though there are flaws to this set, this set has worked well for me so far and usually takes care of one pokemon and usually two.

    So Kordell. If you think that Taunt is a useless move, download Pokemon Online and play it. Make a team there abd play against people. And if you ever do. People will laugh at you for using Venoshock on Gliscor. People would call you a noob, and you would easily be 6-0ed. Trust me. You would.

  4. Both our sets are pretty nice Joshua, and I actually like your better, because there's a bit more offensive tactics in there. I pass this set actually, its pretty apprehendable. At Kordell, I w your phone number so I can teach you about competttive battling.


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