Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unexpected Pokemon of the Week!!!! Stoutland!!!

Sorry I've been getting this stuff up so late guys! I've been busy this summer, so here we are! Ah Stoutland.... who would have ever thought that it was pretty good with that stupid moustache of his..... or beard, whatever it is! Stoutland is a pretty bulky Pokemon with average stats, but very well balanced. He also has a very nice movepool, making him very dangerous, but the best thing about him is the sick ability, Sand Rush! We'll talk about it later. Stoutland has no access to powerful ground type or fighting type moves, so if he runs into bulky steels and rocks, he might have a little trouble. But with access to the elemental fangs, a base 80 powered dark type move, and a STAB Return, Stoutland can be very dangerous. His ability Sand Rush allows him to double his speed in a sandstorm, which reaches amazing speeds, allowing it to revenge kill a lot of things in the OU tier. If you are running Stoutland without he ability Sand Rush, it isn't very great....


Intimidate: Lowers the opponent's attack by one stage.
Sand Rush: Doubles speed in a sandstorm and eliminates sandstorm recoil.
Scrappy: Allows user to hit Ghost-types.
Overview: All these abilities are very useful, Intimidate for a set up set, Scrappy for a sweeping set (especially against Mr. Infamous Gengar), but Sand Rush comes out on top for sweeping set and revenge killing.
Possible sets:
Quick killing Stoutland:
-Fire Fang
-Ice Fang
EV: 252 attack, 72 special defense, 72 defense, 112 speed (if  you want complete sweeping potential, max speed and attack, for an amazing 518 speed within sandstorms)
Nature: Adamant
Items: Life Orb/Choice Band

This is probably one of the best Stoutland sets there is, and Stoutland itself is a good Pokemon. With those pretty okay defenses, he can take hits, but likely is 2HKO by powerful shots. But, if in a Sandstorm, Stoutland is EXTREMELY fast, and unable to taken down, unless for a Mach Punch from Conkeldurr. This moveset allows him to have decent defenses, a 492 base attack stat, and (if in a sandstorm) an amazing 448 base speed, which outspeeds a LOT of things. His only downfall is his not really GREAT attack power. But Stoutland's potential is cool!


  1. Stouland is a big fat dog. It can somehow surf * so weird* and is a perfect pokemon for beginners.
    My opinion is that it's best used in a Sandstorm Sweep. Well the Stoutland sandstorm sweep only works if your Stoutland has Sand Rush as it's ablilty.

    That way you get the most out of it's Speed boost.
    EV's I made a little minor change.
    Attack 269 Special Defense 65 Defense 62 Speed 112
    By closely maxing out your attack, yur Stouland can be a real pain to other players *jk Stouland is probably not going to be used EVER or very very occasionally in battle*

    Item- Leftovers or Life Orb works (Actually Focus Sash can work since Mach Punch just owns.)

    -Thunder Wave/Work Up
    -Return/Work Up
    -Dig * Dig is a pretty good move :3*
    * Either way Work Up is going to be in your moveset if your going to use Stoutland as one of your Sweepers.*

    I forgot what else i was going to say because of the stupid blackout. But here you go.

    Enjoy! Cheesecake-kun

  2. Justin, this is a nice set if your running Stoutland in the gameplay, but in competetive battling, Stoutland is a RU Pokemon. I think. Life orb could work here, but leftovers just isn't worth it, because Stoutland's attack power is decent, but not great. Only with life orb and choice band, Stoutland can reach his full potential. Using Work Up on Stoutland's movepool is original, but that turn or set up could easily be speed boosting Blazikin using swords dance or bulk up. Substitute is alright, but you would need a little more EV investment in there. Thunder Wave is alright, and in this case, Return isthe best move you have here with a potential 153 base power after STAB. Dig is alright, but an EQ could easily predict your Stoutland, and deal serious damage. This is more of a stalling moveset in this case, and you would have something more like this:

    Stoutland Stalling:
    EV: 252 HP, 172 speed, 84 attack ( or max out HP and speed)
    Nature: Up speed, down special attack
    Item: Leftovers
    -Thunder Wave

    Pretty pathetic Justin, no offense, but this moveset isn't that great... But great thinking!

  3. Stoutland. A cool pokemon for a Sandstorm team, but nevertheless is not used at all much. Your set is fine as it has the coverage, but I would like to say that you should just go straight 252/252/4 EV's. His greatest potential comes from his ability Sand Rush, so I would maximize his prowess in the particular place. Other wise pretty cool pokemon of the week.

    ALSO. Jonathan. Aoxue told me you guys were going to meet up at Breen Park. When is that?

    ALSO ALSO. I've created a blog for pokemon of the week. It has been dedicated for making a pokemon of the week. I made my first one. It was Ferrothorn.

    Link if you want: http://pastryspokemondays.blogspot.com/

  4. 1'st of all, Josh, SO MANY QUESTIONS! Okay, I don't know exactly when we're meeting up, and I'll check out your blog. Thanks for posting everyone.

  5. ALSO. lol. Jonathan! I made a Facebook! I'm FRIEND REQUESTING YOU. BETTTER ACCEPT IT. >:(. :D


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