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RMT: Rain Murdering Team!

Seeing as one of our members has kindly started off the site with our FIRST RMT, I decided that I'm going to follow-up with the second. I am going to show you the Pokemon themselves, and how much damage they can cause when put together.

-Let's rock and roll guys.-

First off, let me explain how I first came to this team. Wondering how to incorporate my custom Scizor set, which you will you see later, along with my custom Celebii set, which you will also see later. I came to the conclusion, that I should try making on of the overused, and dreaded, RAIN TEAMS. And if you have a rain team, you know what you should have in the team. Another note, is that Gastrodon and Kingdra could be used to replace the combination of Gyarados and Jolteon. Anyways, let's get on with this RMT.

EV: 252 special attack, 116 defense, 140 HP
Nature: Modest
@Choice Specs
-Hydro Pump
-Perish Song
-Ice Beam
-Focus Blast

Politoed is the best toad ever. Since it's boost in 5'th gen for the ability Drizzle, Politoed has risen from murky, swampy water, if you know what I mean. Drizzle allows Politoed's teammates to benefit from the rain it summons, and it benefits itself in some ways. The EV's given max out attack with it's nature, and give Politoed some great bulk. Hydro Pump is maximum way ahead, being an extremely powerful attack with rain, STAB, and good base power. Ice Beam pairs well in terms of typing, and takes care of some grass types. Focus Blast can be used to partly wear out Blissey, and help damage stuff like Ferrothorn and Gastrodon. Perish Song is just purely great for wearing out bulky Pokemon that have no where to go. Now, realizing I have a base for the team, I need supporters and other bases. Obviously, one build around on my team was the one and only....

-Pincers of Death-
EV: 252 attack, 252 speed, 4 special defense
Nature: Jolly
@Life Orb
-Bullet Punch
-Bug Bite
-Swords Dance

Scizor is a bug that was manufactured in a factory, like those Hex Bug Nano thingies. Except a lot better. And cooler. Scizor's amazing typing allows it to get dual STAB, and good offensive typing at that. Rain better helps Scizor survive simple fire attacks that would otherwise knock it out. The EV's given help increase attack greatly, and surprise the opponent with a max speed of 251 at most. (This is my own custom  set.) Technician is obviously the best ability to choose, and Bullet Punch and Bug Bite utilize it to the most. Bullet Punch now has STAB and a Technician boost, doubling it's power. Who wants a iron fist coming into your FACE at priority? Bug Bite has the exact same effects, except it has higher base power, so it has 120 base power. Still REALLY powerful. Superpower annihilates steels like Ferrothorn and Heatran. Heatran is (mostly) no longer a threat now, because don't forget, Scizor runs MAX speed. Swords Dance is the surprise move to gain doubled attack power. Life Orb helps max out power, but keeps choice. In all, Scizor helps fend of certain threats for Politoed and the next SUPERSTAR (hinthint) of the team.... 

-Did you catch the joke I just made?-
EV: 172 HP, 252 speed, 84 special attack
Nature: Timid
Serene Grace
-Water Pulse
-Calm Mind

Jirachi is a strong base of the team for many reasons. Serene Grace basically gets him completely overused, and his strong moveset is wide, allowing you many choices. This Jirachi is meant to run in rain, but can be also ran outside of it (just not ANYWHERE near as well). The EV's distributed max out your speed, outrunning every base 100 speed Pokemon without the right nature. HP and special attack are also benefited. The ability chosen is an obvious, being it's only one, and for good reasons. Substitute helps utilize Jirachi's good bulk, while allowing it to set-up. In rain, remember that it has only one weakness, Ground-types. Calm Mind bulks Jirachi up, and gives it a LOT more power. Water Pulse (in rain) gets a boost in power, and has a 40% chance of confusing the enemy, thanks to Serene Grace. Thunder has 100% accuracy in rain, and once again, thanks to Serene Grace, you get a 60% chance of paralysis to the opponent. Jirachi is a key point in this team, but falls dead to that damn slug, Gastrodon. To solve this, I added another custom set to the team, which uses entry hazards support, and can take Gastrodon OUT of the fight.......

-So adorably and cute... outside of battle.-

EV: 100 HP, 60 defense, 48 special attack, 152 special defense, 148 speed
Nature: Bold
Natural Cure
-Stealth Rock
-Leaf Storm
-Nasty Plot/Reflect/Light Screen
-Baton Pass/Reflect/Light Screen

Celebi is the main support of the team. With stats distributed similarly to Jirachi, it is well balanced, and can serve MANY roles. The role I have it play is the support and surprise attacker. With even stats, Leaf Storm can cause massive damage. Stealth Rocks is a must on nearly every team. Nasty Plot is what I chose for the next slot, because I use Baton Pass along with it. This set can surprise anyone, catching them off-guard, and I can Baton Pass to the next member of my team. If you are lacking defense on the team, you should opt for Reflect and Light Screen.  Don't forget, Celebi is benefited in the rain thanks to one less weakness. This Pokemon is a great aspect to my team, but not as great as......
-I did a POTW on him!-

EV: 156 HP, 72 attack, 96 defense, 184 speed
Nature: Adamant
-Dragon Dance
-Stone Edge

Gyarados is a good option for this team, thanks to the rain. The EV's given support the bulk of Gyarados, and provide a good base of the Gyarados itself. With a unique typing, Gyarados has the ability to sweep. Intimidate suppresses certain sweepers, stopping them cold and forcing a switch, which probably leads to the open Dragon Dance or Taunt. Taunt stops Ferrothorn and Blissey from setting up on you, and also some other threats like Skarmory. Dragon Dance is obvious, raising your speed and attack, making you a viable threat to ANY team. Stone Edge is for other Gyarados. Now you might think running Gyarados in the rain may be a bit dangerous due to Gyarados's 4x weakness to electric moves. In rain, Gyarados could be easily thwarted by Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Volt Switches. That's why we come to the last member of the team........

-Don't be fooled!-
EV: 252 special attack, 220 speed, 36 HP
Nature: Modest
Volt Absorb
@Life Orb
-Volt Switch
-Hidden Power [Ice]
-Shadow Ball

Finally we get to the end. Jolteon is a nice Pokemon with outstanding speed and good special attack. It's downfall is how frail it is physically. The EV's given help max special attack, while contributing to speed so you can still outspeed certain threats like Gengar, Ninetales, and Alakazam. Jolteon needs to watch out for priority moves, and Volt Switch IMMEDIATELY when it sees a Blissey. The reason why I would use Jolteon on a rain team is pretty obvious. Gyarados needs to watch his back for electric moves, but Jolteon can utilize it's ability and suck in energy to recover from Life Orb recoil and any other damage it may have taken. Thunder is a must in rain. Volt Switch allows Jolteon to scout while dealing a large chunk of HP. Shadow Ball helps to fend off Gengar. Hidden Power [Ice] keeps Gliscor away from you.

So that is my team, and obviously, you should RMT! Rate my team, tell me some tips, and thanks for joining the site! 


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