Friday, November 11, 2011

Order Forms!

Well, it's finally time to use the PokeShop for the first time people! To view items up for purchase, click here:
This is the PokeShop101 link!
So I hope you are all familiar with the points system. Everytime you post, defaulted, you receive one point. For an RMT, you may receive 10 points. For writing the week POTW, you receive 5 points. As you can see from the Points page......
Points display....
As you can see from this page, the leaderboard has Cheese-Cake_Kun on top with 20 points. He has been very active, and being very generous, I award him 5 extra points for his efforts. This month, depending on your rank, I will also award you EXTRA points. Anyways, on to the ordering ITSELF....

When you order something, it may be pending up to two weeks. But, the items you could receive do pay up for it. Here's what you'll do. Simply check the PokeShop101, and browse for any Pokemon you might want. Next, you must go to this post, and comment. Your comment should be in a format SOMEWHAT similar to this:

(Pokemon101) Name:
Do I have Black/White:
What item(s) do I want:
How many points I have:
Is this a good program:

Thanks for your contributions also, since we are on the way to becoming larger! Two more followers have joined, and I hope we can see more activity!

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