Saturday, January 14, 2012

Format Update!

So recently, the site has changed, and basically the only thing is that when you are going to comment on something, and see a comment that you want to comment on (sounds funny right?) you can click reply, and the comment that you publish will appear as a response to the comment you wanted to comment on. For example, on this post, I find that I really like format updates, so I want to say so. If you read the comment I will comment......


  1. this, I will say something. I LIKE FORMAT UPDATES. Now, if you reply to this comment........ it would looks a little something like.......

    1. THIS! A reply should only be directed toward a single comment, and your own personal comment shouldn't be a reply. So I would probably comment a different things saying I DON'T like status updates......

  2. Which would look something like THIS. I do not like format updates (which is not true, cuz DIS IS COOL). Anyways, please follow this new formatting style, and I hope it helps us be more organized. :)


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