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Pokemon of the Week....

So recently, I put out a poll, asking which Pokemon you would have as the next Pokemon of the Week..... and the results are finished I guess. I seem to really favor one of the votes, and here's some useful information about out first NU tier Pokemon. He is a combination of grass-flying, giving him a somewhat nice offensive typing, but a terrible defensive typing. Here is the forgotten Pokemon, Tropius.

The bunches of fruit around TROPIUS's neck are very popular with children. This POKéMON loves fruit, and eats it continuously. Apparently, its love for fruit resulted in its own outgrowth of fruit. Children of the southern tropics eat as snacks the fruit that grows in bunches around the neck of TROPIUS. This POKéMON flies by flapping the leaves on its back as if they were wings. It flies by flapping its broad leaves. The bunch of fruit that grows around its neck is deliciously sweet. In the spring, it scatters pollen from its neck. It lives in tropical jungles. The bunch of fruit around its neck is delicious. The fruit grows twice a year. Because it continually ate only its favorite fruit, the fruit started growing around its neck. Delicious fruits grew out from around its neck because it always ate the same kind of fruit. The bunch of fruit around its neck ripens twice a year and is delicious. It's a highly favored tropical snack.

Tropius is actually a pretty cool Pokemon, and it has a nice offensive typing, with dual STAB's over a large amount of Pokemon. However, the two things that sealed it off were it's extremely shallow movepool, and the terrible defensive typing it received. Also, when I say extremely shallow movepool, it really has, A REALLY. SHALLOW. MOVEPOOL. It does however, get two very nice abilities, Solar Power and Chlorophyll. He has a decent bulk, and a nice HP, with workable (but still low) offensive stats. Despite his few niches, he is not going to see much use within tiers, and even the NU tier.

Chlorophyll: Doubles speed within the sunny weather.
Solar Power: Takes away 1/10 of your HP to increase the move's power by 1.5.
Harvest: Recycles a berry infinite times with a 50% chance.


-Hidden Power [Ground]
-Grass Knot
-Leaf Storm
Ability: Chlorophyll
EV's: 252 special attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
Item: Choice Specs
Nature: Modest

This is actually the best set, and the only set, you should run, and I'll tell you exactly why. The modest nature is to make your attacks hit as hard as possible. Choice Specs is also going to help your damage greatly. Chlorophyll doubles speed within sunny weather, and you really want to have some sort of Sunny Day setter to utilize it. The moves are meant to maximize damage to the most, while hitting a very large majority of the NU tier as neutral and super effective. SolarBeam is a must with the sun up. Hidden Power Ground takes care of Steels, Fires, and Electrics. Ice types are hit on neutral by grass moves anyways. Leaf Storm is a precious and devastating move. Grass Knot is just for anything else, as it has a shallow movepool.


For the moveset above, the reason why you don't want to choose Solar Power is because if you run a Choice Scarfed set, you only get 1.5 boost in speed, while being locked into a move, and the Solar Power increases your special attack the same as the Choice-Specs, but you even lose HP. Instead, you could opt for more speed with Chlorophyll, and Choice-Specs yourself to not lose HP.

Thanks for reading this week's POTW, I hope we can have more activity on the site!


  1. Tropius is a very underrated pokemon in the NU tier, and with his new ability harvest, really helps. with Harvest he can utilize a type of stalling set, Chest Resto, but due to his many weaknesses it is not reccomended. He can also utilize his 4X weakness to ice he can also utilize some type resist berries. Not sure if he learns synthesis, but it would seem nice, with type resist berries. I actually think that a Choice Scarf set with Solar Power would actually better because Tropius' Special attack is kinda disappointing, but then again, his speed is really lacking too. :/. Tropius is an okay threat, but a Harvest offensive set would be good. Here's one I found.

    Tropius @ Salac Berry/Starf Berry
    EVs: 36 HP/252 Atk/12 Def/208 Spe
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Harvest

    ~ Substitute
    ~ Leaf Blade
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Swords Dance/Protect

    I'm pretty sure that someone in the research thread confirmed that the berry will be consumed right after Tropius uses Substitute, be replenished at the end of the turn, and be eaten again immediately. This means that Tropius gets +2 Spe on the turn the Salac Berry is consumed. So this works just like any other Substitute Pokemon, and you get to use Swords Dance when the Pokemon breaks your third Substitute and end up with +2 Atk and +3 Spe (the final one comes on the turn you use Swords Dance). If you're feeling more daring, you can go with Starf Berry instead. This will give you +2 in three different stats (or +6 in one stat) so you could end up with +4 Atk and +4 Spe, if you're lucky.

    Protect can be useful with Starf Berry to give you 5 +2 boosts before you begin your sweep (the first two when you use Substitute for the third time, Protect on the 4th turn to get another boost, get another one when they break your Sub on the 5th turn, and Protect on the 6th turn to get another boost). Since you will constantly keep getting boosts at the end of every turn, you can get +6 with everything 10 turns later, although, Tropius will probably have either swept or be dead by then.

    The EVs allow you to outspeed Timid Choice Scarf Heatran at +2 and Naive Scarf Infernape at +3. Maximum Atk is obvious and the HP EVs give an HP divisible by 4, with the rest in Defense to take priority better.

    This set is completely walled by Skarmory and Bronzong and Skarmory will simply Phaze you out. Scizor and Lucario also pose a problems with Bullet Punch and Extremespeed, respectively. This makes Choice Scarf Magnezone and Choice Scarf Shanderaa excellent partners for Tropius since they can easily trap and kill those Pokemon. Ice Shard users like Mamoswine will also take Tropius out, so this makes Shanderaa an even better choice. Sandstorm and Hail will kill Tropius in a meer 4 turns, so be sure to take out Abomasnow, Hippowdon, and Tyranitar and pair Tropius up with either Ninetails or Politoed. Once again, Shanderaa can potentially trap and kill Abomasnow and Hippowdon, but Tyranitar is hard for it to take down.

    Some randomly generated possibilities for what 5 Starf Berry boosts can give you.

    +4 Atk/+2 Def/+4 Eva
    +2 Atk/+2 SpAtk/+4 Spe/+2 Eva
    +2 Atk/+4 Def/+4 Eva
    +2 Atk/+2 SpAtk/+4 Spe/+2 Acc
    +4 Atk/+4 Spe/+2 Eva
    +2 Atk/+2 SpAtk/+2 SpDef/+2 Spe/+2 Eva

    BTW, there is a 46.2% chance that the Starf Berry won't boost any one stat. For those of you who don't know, a move that usually has 100 Accuracy used against a Pokemon with +2 Evasion only has a 60% chance to hit while it only has a 42.9% chance to hit when used against a Pokemon with +4 Evasion. At +6, it's only a 33.3% chance to hit. This can mean 2 free boosts if Tropius is behind a Substitute (due to Protect) or having Scizor's Bullet Punch miss completely and Tropius getting the KO.

  2. Chocolate Scizor:
    I'll tell you why I didn't use Solar Power with a Choice Scarf. In sun (assuming you are), you can run BOTH abilities to utilize the sun. With Solar Power, you will have 1.5 power (NOTE, this is the same as holding Choice Specs), but causes you to lose 1/10 of your HP. NEXT. If you run Solar Power, you will be running with a Choice Scarf. This means your speed is increased to 1.5 ALSO. However.....
    In both sets you are choiced, being locked into a single move. But, in one set, you are locked into a move with 1.5 speed and 1.5 special attack, WHILE losing one tenth of your HP every turn. In the set I recommend, you are also locked in a single move, but you have 1.5 special attack and DOUBLE SPEED thanks to Chlorophyll. You are not losing the precious portions of Tropius's HP. Hope this clarifies. I like your Harvest set, I forgot to mention one. /\_/\


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